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Thanks Garr -- this was such a cool video -- great story too.
Absolutely, Fundamentally, Having said that, And now.
Love the simple solution you provide for a simple problem :)
It's like we lose our presence because we think we are different from everything around us rather than believing we are part of the whole.
Thank you for sharing your inspiration -- this is a fantastic series of posts, Nick!
Thanks Nick - this is so relevant not only while presenting but in any sort of communication. A great, simple way to design an approach -- thanks again!
Thanks Nick -- these 5 not-to-do tasks are the least that most speakers can "not" do -- even better, whatever you suggest will not take them a minute longer to accomplish. In fact they can do things sooner!
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2012 on 5 Stupid Speaker Tricks at Nick Morgan, Public Words
Very informative list of apps, Nick -- you might want to add an Apple TV 2 (although that's not an app). It's small enough to carry around, and let's the presenter walk around the venue with the iPad in hand -- so that the iPad acts both as the presenting computer and the remote! Here's something I wrote about this topic:
Thanks for the post, Nick -- always good to be reminded about the great truths.