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I'm really surprised, Otto! While it makes sense that Venezuela's homogeneity of religious observance would take the pressure off, to some extent, I had always assumed that, given the ubiquitousness of The Church in so many South American villages and cities, the 'seriousness factor' would've been pretty extreme, and that there'd be a whole lot more pressure on teens to either conform or resist (depending upon who was applying that pressure).
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P.S.: As 20/20 as hindsight often is (and as unfocused as ideas can be, in the middle of the night), I'd like to clarify a few of the comments I'd posted, last night. In essence, it's been my observation that people are people, and can usually be counted on to behave in more or less the same way(s), regardless of the particular physical, philosophical or theological "wrapping paper" in which they come. In other words, whether the topic of discussion & devotion is Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or baseball, I think you'll find that those same "Stage-ist" rules apply, pretty much across the board. (And I apologize, DJ: in my last 2 paragraphs, I had originally intended to agree with & support your third one, but I'm guessing that the combination of too few hours of sleep and the then-forthcoming bout of gastroenteritis combined to lead me in an entirely different direction, altogether! Again... "Sorry!")
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May 25, 2010