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This Felicia Day song is almost an exact representation of the issue at hand: I love The Guild and Felicia Day's work in general, but even I thought—and I remember the not-that-long-ago days when being a geek got you beat up—"pander much?" It's just as you say, being a victim of jocks and the "mainstream" is an integral part of geek self-definition. I remember more than a decade ago Jon Katz posted a bunch of stories on Slashdot where geeks "came out" and told their stories of persecution post-Columbine. It was the biggest and most popular set of posts ever, in 1999, when a lot of these trends were starting. I really do think those of us who identify with geek/nerd subcultures need to get beyond the victim mentality—maybe even rethink the idea of defining ourselves around pop culture products, no matter how niche...then again, I run an anime website, so look who's talking. :) (Anime/manga fandom is, compared to the superhero blockbusters, a tiny fringe, by the way. The "manchildren pervert" stigma is still alive even from other geeks...)
Toggle Commented May 23, 2012 on The Fandom Issue: Marvelous at Parabasis
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May 22, 2012