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Gene Callahan
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My son once asked me, "Who is the best person you know?" Without even hesitating, I answered, "Israel Kirzner." I don't think any amount of subsequent reflection would change my answer.
As Eric Voegelin noted, the more a people throw themselves into world immanent "progress," the more they lose touch with the basis of human spiritual well being. So, yes, it is quite possible that in 100 years we will have a nation of spiritual zombies living to 180 watching 200 inch plasma screen TVs with full smellovision and brain implants to allow kinetic transmissions. And if that is "getting better," then "things" indeed might keep going that way.
"The invisible hand proposition is of course the bold analytical claim of mainline economics from Adam Smith onward..." How many times does Gavin Kennedy have to show that Smith had no "invisible hand mechanism" before people stop claiming he had one?
I'm very sympathetic with the approach they are taking, but their English is brutal! They have to get someone to edit this for them.
Nice analysis of when democracy works!
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Apr 28, 2013