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Now lets not forget the score writter James Horner who made the beautiful music that dramaticaly enhanced the experience and emotions emitted by the visual effects and the plot. Now the people who say it sucked I would like you to post a reasonable answer as to why other than you just didn't like it. Now with all the profit made please make Avatar 2 and make it just like you made the first one and even more exciting and emotional. Even though there are people, me included, who had or are currently experiencing some form of depression after seeing it please do not let that detur you from making Avatar 2 any less than spectacular, for then it will only get worse as I realize what was once an awe inspiring movie now becomes less inspiring. Please....
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2010 on AVATAR: Biggest Movie of All Time at Avatar Blog
Oh and @dragonsmoke6: I believe that a TV or monitor supporting 120hz refresh rate combined with a unit that supports a checker board video format you should be able to view 3D movies, though I don't know if that is RealD 3D or some other 3D format. But I believe Mitsubishi makes some 60" and above DLP rear projection TV's that support 3D that you might wana look at, considering they are cheaper than buying two high quality projectors.
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2010 on AVATAR and the Trouble with Pirates at Avatar Blog
I think it's a mix of both first time viewers and fans. For first time viewers they want to see if it's worth the money or not before dishing out the $6-$10 to see it in theatres, which is understandable. Like many before my post were stating about people they know who pirated the movie then had to see it in theatres. Now as for the fans it might be a little more blurred as to WHO sees it as a pirated copy after seeing it in theatres. I, being a fan, have not pirated the movie yet (and won't since I want my money to make Avatar 2 even more AMAZING!!) and even if I did I couldn't stand watching it in the crappy resolutions since it would completely kill the experience for me. Now one type of fan who pirates the movie might be one who loves the movie a lot and would like to keep seeing it in theatres but doesn't have the money to go everytime they want, so the pirated version may suffice for them. The other type of fan is the crazily obsessed one who has to see it every 2 hours and 40 minutes (if you get what I mean). Though I believe it is less fans of Avatar who pirate the movie since the quality is so low its not worth the 2 hr and 40 min (though the story and its little details are amazing) and the experience is not as great when viewed on a big screen with great surround sound, but more the people who haven't seen it yet and want to make sure the movie is worth every penny they payed to see it in theatres. @HouseOfHam: I do agree that 3D is not a necessity to enjoy the movie in all its glory, but it does provide a deminsion and depth with which, combined by James Cameron's unsurpassed filming and James Horner's blissful score, really drives the whole experience home when all you can do is think that your really there with your eyes as the camera's lense.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2010 on AVATAR and the Trouble with Pirates at Avatar Blog
After seeing the movie multiple times (six to be exact) and have felt such a strong, unrelenting enjoyment while watching makes my heart ache to see that there will be some who will not be able to see it in all its glory (if the theatres are as back logged as my friend says they are in Brazil; 2 WEEKS RESERVATION TO SEE AVATAR 3D!!). It really makes you thankful we or some of us on here live in a country where free speech is unlimited though it is moderated but not heavily. Yes even though there will be pirating and free online viewings it will never be the same experience as it is in the theatres.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on AVATAR: Too Big in China? at Avatar Blog
As mentioned by some such as Pasow and Tawtute Txen (sorry if I didn't mention anyone else) there will always be some form of dislike or hate towards anything humans encounter, but when one cannot reasonably explain why they like it or hate it then that is where it gets crazy and where accusations, harsh words, and other derogitory views start poping up. All of these comments originate from a person's point of view, morals, beliefs, background, history, etc. I won't go into the religious portion since that can greatly vary among people of different beliefs, but I must say it's not a slam against the military since there appeared to be little to no chain of command that resembles the US military. Fact from the movie would be that if it was the military it would not take orders from a company such as RDA but from the higher chain of command (ex. Generals, President, etc.). How this movie is a send-up of the Iraq and Afghan wars is unclear to me since the only thing connecting the movie and US's current involvment is that both are currently occupied by a fighting force. Other than that there is no real resemblence between the two, unless someone else has one. Racist... expect to see that statement in just about everything, wether or not it is a plausable or false arguement. So no surprise or worry there. Now the Russian ordeal is somewhat interesting, but I really cannot find enough info to get a clear picture as to what the heck is going on. I thought the biggest thing that stood out for me was the mental torture and conflicts that ravaged Jake Sully as he went from his world into the Na'vi world back and forth. You get a good beginning glimpse of this happening after Jake comes out of link for the first time (after he was running outside and all) and he looks depressingly down at his crippled legs. This feeling can be somewhat related to the Avatar blues where the viewer is transported to the world of Pandora and leaves with a different view of their own world and their current situation. The biggest and most notable turning point is when Jake says, "Now everything is backwards. Like this is the dream and out there is the real world," (when in the link pod after coming out of link at one point in time I cannot recall).
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Jan 24, 2010