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Ed, the government has shown that it doesn't need SOPA/PIPA to shut down websites they have accused of piracy and alleged copyright violations:
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We would never nuke a piss-ant little country like North Korea and Instaputz knows that. That's just more war porn for all 72 of his readers to get off on. The unspoken truth about nukes is this: They are militarily useless. The effects of nuclear weapons far exceed their battlefield objectives, and the fact that the danger of radiation and fallout to civilian populations(in the north and south)and our 28K troops stationed within miles of the DMZ would make the thought of 1st use of nukes in the Korean penisula completely unacceptable. Even so-called tactical nukes(say, in the 10 kiloton range or under) would cause enormous damage and invite nuclear retaliation from the North. Not to mention the world-wide scorn and ridicule we would receive for breaking our no first use pledge. If nukes were militairly useful, then why haven't they been used in any of the countless conflicts since they were last used in WWII? I've yet to have any chickenhawk(yes, Bubba, that's an appropriate term for people like the Ole Perfesser) give me a satisfactory answer.
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