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heart of gold, knob of butter
Interests: paleo, triathlons, fitness, health, nutrition, exercise
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The hot dog is the noblest of dogs. It feeds the hand that bites it.
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Sep 28, 2011
Yes and yes! It's pure convenience, a quick shake :)
I use hemp protein with natural strawberry flavour. I also add BCAA, creatine and leucine too. It's got a great nutritional profile and the extras I add gives it an extra kick.
Hi there, I'm based in the UK. I've recently retired for triathlons and marathon running, although I still run half marathons. I'm now focused in more on diet and nutrition. My new fitness regime consists of a combination of Body by Science, 4 Hour Body and tabata running. I also cycle specific supplementation over time. Works great for me :)
Hi I tend to take in protein, in the form of a chicken breast, coupled with some carbs (normally a banana) about three hours before an endurance event. 15 minutes before the start I have two High5 plus gels and then I alternate between water and energy drinks. Works great!