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I'm not surprised to see Calgary a little above the average trend and Edmonton so far below. They are similar cities, though Calgary's LRT covers more of the city. Edmonton has a lot more blue-collar jobs which are spread around the city in industrial parks which Calgary is similar to Sydney with jobs concentrated in the CBD and very expensive parking.
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The numbers for Edmonton and Calgary do seem out of line with other values I've heard though Calgary does will with its LRT system because a majority of the jobs in the city are centred in the downtown core and parking is very expensive. Its whole LRT system currently consists of three lines radiating out from the core. If these numbers are true, I would suggest that weather, daylight hours, immigration and maybe poor alternatives. While commuting in Calgary, I wouldn't ride my bike the 14 km between home and work in the winter because of snow and having to ride both directions in the dark between mid-October and the end of February. Also, anyone who doesn't live very close to the recreational bike path network, myself included, must deal with riding in unfriendly traffic. My wife immigrated from China five years ago and still doesn't have a driver's licence. I know a number of other immigrants who cannot or will not drive.
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Oct 7, 2010