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Geoff Kimmerly
Lansing, Michigan
Prep Sports reporter at the Lansing State Journal
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We post one on game nights on the front of ... and what we have that others don't: All the scorers and stats as soon as we get them into our computer system. I'll post a link on the blog next week so those looking here can find them more easily.
I believe his only connections are that his business is in Delta Township, and he cares a lot about high school sports. It's a great thing.
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Great catch. I've fixed it online and we'll continue to have it correct moving forward. Thanks.
Unfortunately, we not only didn't know the Gold had been reschduled to Tuesday night, we didn't get results until the following day. But I'll be mentioning it when I catch up on the blog today. Here's what we wrote before: "Eaton Rapids girls nearing first league title since '93" The Eaton Rapids girls, with a win over Fowlerville in the last league dual of the season Tuesday, finished 5-0 in the CAAC Gold and is poised to win its first league title since 1993. To seal it, the Greyhounds do not have to win Wednesday's league meet - just do well. "At least we've won half the battle," Eaton Rapids coach Bob Ribby said. "We've gotten through the hard part of our season." DeWitt and Haslett have dominated for several years. But this spring, the Greyhounds defeated DeWitt 76-61 and Haslett 71.3-65.6. "If we can pull it out it would be a huge thing," Ribby said. "(The last league title) was a while ago. Some of these girls (on the team) were just born." Ribby has gotten success from several freshmen, particularly in field events. Kaitlin Mills has cleared 5-foot-4, in the high jump this season and is closing in on the school record of 5-6. Bailey Baker, another freshman, is one of his top shot putters, and joins twin seniors Kelsey and Kasey Perry to give the Greyhounds three strong throwers. Sprinter Becka Waters and hurdler Dani Wright also are scoring points regularly. "We're pretty strong in the middle distances," he said. "Lindsey O'Leary, who is a junior, and Cassie McManus and Molly Dassance are pretty good also." Ribby shares Kate Laverty, Baker and Dassance with the league champion softball team. Laverty was his top sprinter last year and also ran the 1,600.
Indeed, that post has been unpublished. Please, no name-calling, as that does constitute a "personal attack" by our terms of service.
Indeed, that post has been unpublished. Please, no name-calling, as that does constitute a "personal attack" by our terms of service.
From what I know either from seeing some of the players on your list, or voting all-state, or knowing a bit of Repichowski's recruiting situation, I'd say he could easily belong on that list. He's 6-4, athletic and with a great 3-point touch, and he elevates so it's almost like he's a little bit taller out there.
Fair enough. Here they are for the other four, via my all-state ballots: Dwaun Anderson, Suttons Bay: 20 points per game, 10 rebounds per game, 4.5 assists per game, 3.0 steals per game, 2.0 blocks per game. Signed with Michigan State. Amir Williams, Detroit Country Day: 17.5 points per game, 13.3 rebounds per game, 6.2 blocks per game. Signed with Ohio State. Carlton Brundidge, Southfield: 20.2 points per game, 8.2 rebounds per game, 5.0 assists per game. Signed with Michigan. Brandan Kearney, Detroit Southeastern: 18.5 points per game, 6.5 rebounds per game, 6.0 assists, Signed with Michigan State.
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Sports Fan's comment has been removed for violating our Terms of Service (It's one thing to say the refs were bad, but calling one out by name and saying he/she cheated and used personal bias -- without proof of it -- qualifies as a personal attack and isn't allowed.).
Thanks -- and agreed on that focus on college education!
As I mentioned before, I've had a tough time finding 10 teams to rank in Class C-D -- there are only about eight with winning records. Dansville is nearly .500 so I've replaced the Pilgrims with the Aggies.
It's true. I'm open to suggestions, but every week I have a tough time coming up with the final teams for Class C-D, both boys and girls. Lansing Christian's boys are better candidates this week after beating Brooklyn Columbia Central -- tied for first in the SMAA. The Pilgrims started this season with basically a brand-new team ... but it looks like they are finding their stride.
Thanks a ton for the kind words. They are very much appreciated, and we'll keep on trying to do our best! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well.
Unfortunately, we're still working on perfecting that with our newest stats program. I hope we can have it ready to go for 2011.
I stand with "It's a Wonderful Life" and I know I don't stand alone -- come on people, you know you love the 1946 tear-jerker.
Two more comments have been removed because they included accusations of criminal acts, which violates our terms of service as well.
C.J. Jefferson's father was a custodian at Fulton when C.J. was a homeschooled freshman. Jefferson then enrolled at Fulton as a sophomore, but his family soon after moved to Atlanta. Jefferson wanted to finish his high school career at Fulton and lived with family friends. We wrote about all of this on November 22, 2007.
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We're actually through seven weeks. Two more and then the playoffs start.
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This one should've been mentioned among the honorable mentions too. Great call.
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I totally meant to include this one at least among the honorable mentions. Great call.
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This is a great point. Another reader who didn't post but emailed me mentioned that volleyball players locally often don't get started in the sport until seventh grade, while soccer/basketball/football leagues start in elementary school. I'm sure that has a big part in explaining things.
We re-added Saranac a year ago. It was time to get all of the CMAC back into our coverage area, and I hope Saranac people are checking us out!
Our pleasure. Thanks for keeping us going with those questions, and good luck with that all-time NFL fantasy team. Don't forget about kicker Jan Stenerud and quarterback Dan Fouts!
From Kris Smith, Morrice girls basketball coach: What a sad day for high school girls basketball in the Lansing Area. We not only lost one of the finer coaches in the area we lost a great guy today. Coach Randall was a coach that I often wondered how he accomplished what he had with his laid back demeanor. Some where deep inside I knew Norm had that fire because his teams were always fierce competitors and tough as nails to coach against. I always appreciated Norm's respectful attitude and kindness to our players and coaching staff at Morrice High School. Norm I will miss your smile and laid back demeanor on the sidelines this season. God Bless the ones you left behind.