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A big old hello from bustling metropolis that is Spokane, WA. I’m drinking, taking my flying narcotic of choice (today, as always: Unisom) and attempting to make my way back to LA, so I don’t have a ton of time today for pith and wit. Some would say, based on... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2010 at GeekWeek
Well...son of a bitch. I went 5 out of 9 in my predictions, including the main card. That's not bad, but it's not great either. And you know what that I get to make a bunch of excuses! First, the original Predictions post is here for your perusal. The... Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2010 at GeekWeek
Yes. There's gonna be a follow-up article. I have much to say/analyze.
Dude, those MODERN FAMILY bastards are way cleverer than me. But thanks for calling me brilliant. Feel free to not stop there.
In case there are some of you (which is to say “all of you”) who are unfamiliar with me, hello. I’m Geoff. These are my musings. Not that any of you bet on sports outside the gloriously filthy confines of Las Vegas, but, hypothetically, you might have thought of wagering... Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2010 at GeekWeek
Best commercial in years, hands-down. I'm on a horse.
I cannot even begin to talk about how deeply and specifically I hate every little thing about GRAN TORINO. It's THE ROOM of the marquee director world.
C'mon, dude. Studios go after individuals all the time for any numbers of reasons. They LOVE to throw money around being litigious. Furthermore, even without a civil suit, someone could easily step in and have the site shut down on the basis on copyright infringement. Then there'd be nothing to draw attention to. Again: it's one dude in (I assume) an apartment in LA. ANY of these studios could wipe him off the face of the earth if they were concerned for any number of reasons, and so could half a dozen other entities. No one's bothering because ScriptShadow is - in the face of the industry - insignificant. That's still not my point - that's just an ancillary argument. My only point has been that, while there may be many problems to take up with the SS site (legal, philosophical, personal, etc.), its inherent ability to compromise established and unestablished writers is little more than conspiracy theory. Do I think these other writers speaking out against it are wrong? Not at all. I respect that some might not like the slant the site provides and might not want their material reviewed on there. That's perfectly reasonable. But for someone to be concerned it's going to cost them a job or a spec sale? Give me a break.
I agree with everything you've said, except that I don't think you can actually show it's any more detrimental to writers than the behind-the-scenes practices inherent in the industry. That's my only point - the paranoia that SS is somehow going to cripple writers and their specs is, I believe, totally unfounded. I'm not using the "everyone is doing it" defense as a reason to ignore it's illegality (which I've addressed twice, so you can go ahead and stop using that as evidence against my point as if I haven't agreed with you) or its (as yet totally unquantifiable) affect on writers and studios. You have to go WAY deeper than ScriptShadow to get to the root of this "problem". And again, I ask the obvious question: if this is REALLY such a pertinent issue, why hasn't everyone rushed to sue the guy to the point his site gets shut down? It's a dude in an apartment. That should be pretty easy if everyone were so concerned. Again, I agree with you on most philosophical points, but getting all up in arms pretending that this is some huge detriment to writers everywhere is way, way, way overstating the problem in my opinion. Writers have plenty else to worry about that doesn't have anything to do with the underground script trade.
As I stated, I agree that legality is an issue here, and if I had a piece of advice for sites like ScriptShadow, it would be to never post links to copyrighted material at all. But let's be honest: if you want a script, you can find a script, and it's really, really, really, really easy even if you've never been to SS. Both studios and writers know this; ScriptShadow is only shining a tiny light on it, and again, his site isn't doing anything that execs, assistants, agents, managers, lawyers, interns and the like haven't already been doing in private since the beginning of time. You say the "studio and writer should be protected", which I agree with. So answer me a question: if ScriptShadow is really ruining business for anyone, really putting parties in danger, why hasn't it yet been sued off the Internet? As to your last point...I agree that SS isn't quite innocuous, but I disagree wholeheartedly otherwise. Is there a lazy CE using SS to pass on a script they haven't read? I'm sure there probably is. Are there 25 CEs using studio coverage to do the exact same? Absolutely. I don't buy SS ruining writers' chances for even a split second, sorry.
I'm certainly not going to tell another writer how to feel, but the whole ScriptShadow thing doesn't bother me at all (full disclosure: Carson is an acquaintance of mine; the fact remains, however, that I'm not against the concept of his site). If you'll notice, the guy is, 99% of the time, reviewing a script that's already been bought and/or produced, not just a random spec that's been sent out into the ether before it sells. That in mind...I think this whole idea that writers are going to be screwed when their first drafts wind up on the Internets before buyers have a chance to take a crack at them is paranoid crap. First of all, there's just no evidence that this is happening. Second of all, if it DID happen, and your script gets a bad review on SS and you don't sell it...the problem isn't the bad review, it's either that your script sucks or the people you're dealing with are incompetent assholes. Do you honestly think the egos that some of these execs have will allow them to take their cues from a fucking dude with a blogspot account? It's one guy with one opinion, plus a couple of anonymous voices in a comments section. If someone passes on your script off of me, you don't want to be in business with them in the first place. I'll stop well short of claiming that there aren't problems that could come up thanks to the site - there are, and they exist even outside of the issue of Carson posting copyrighted material, which is a whole 'nother animal. But by and large, this site is not going to affect writers. Bad writing is going to affect writers. I've not been in one meeting, not had one industry-related discussion in which ScriptShadow or anything like it has come up. It's tonally irrelevant to buyers. People have been obtaining scripts since Hollywood began and praising and bashing them as soon as they were read. That didn't cripple the industry, and neither will one guy just because he's moved the debate to his website.
"I probably won’t be ordering it again. But I would eat one if it were free." You may well, sir, be a Satan-person. I could barely eat half of one without choking on my own shame. It tasted like old feet and metal. If there's a God, he had no hand in creating a single ingredient that went into this piece of shit. I'm getting angry talking about it. This sandwich actually succeeds in making me angry. I once dared a friend, Josh Heald (writer of the upcoming HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and sometimes-competitive-eater) to eat one. Dude's got an iron stomach and refused to eat the last bite on principal. He commented, upon throwing it in the nearest wastebasket, that he was semi-afraid of the fact that it was "still in the house with me". I don't know where I'm going with this. I only know that I offer you the challenge of getting it again...but this time having it toasted.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on Fast Food Review: Subway Beef Barbacoa at GeekWeek
Can you please do an entire article about the atrocious culinary abortion that is the Seafood Sensation?
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on Fast Food Review: Subway Beef Barbacoa at GeekWeek
The "Red Matter" seemed like a pretty straightforward MacGuffin to me. I'm not saying STAR TREK should win, but those two guys created a complicated, funny, actiony script that carried on great characters, set up a great franchise and made the complicated make sense. So what's the problem? Hitchcock used MacGuffins all the time. THE HURT LOCKER was indeed a great script. In fact, I enjoyed it much more than the movie; that's a totally personal bias though, because I have a lot of trouble getting into/caring about most war films. Shax, also interested in your long list of hate. My diatribe this year shall include my disdain for AVATAR's writing and the fact that anyone anywhere is giving Mariah Carey an award for doing absolutely nothing but sitting in a chair and memorizing lines.
Love seeing 500 DAYS on there; I think it's the best script from a movie this year by a country mile. But more than that, I think it's great to see STAR TREK and THE HANGOVER getting some props. The only two inclusions on the list that gast my flabber are AVATAR and JULIE & JULIA. AVATAR's script fucking blew, but it's getting a handy because the movie itself was awesome despite the fact. And literally the ONLY redeeming quality of J&J was Meryl Streep - the rest of the movie might as well have been a documentary about a neurotic woman with a bad lesbian haircut who could cook moderately well. Because it was about that interesting. Was far more upset about those two this morning; having thought it over, I think the rest of the list more than makes up for them.
Looks like someone gut-punched a very surprised, very inflated Lucy Lawless.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2010 on CES: Meet Roxxxy The Sex Robot at GeekWeek
I hope to Christ someone decides to rattle the cages with Gary's REAPER. Still one of my five favorite unproduced scripts out there that deserves to see the light of day.
Seriously, whoever put that together is so amazingly talented that it blows my mind.
And it's the same Bill Carter who wrote the best unproduced script I've ever read, FOOLS RUSH IN (NOT the Matthew Perry movie). Guy should be an Oscar winner.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2010 on NY Times Chimes In On Leno/Conan Buzz at GeekWeek
Amazing, inconceivably (if we count my mood just a mere six weeks ago), I am not bothered by this. In fact, I'm doggone happy. Fact of the matter is this: Mangini brought in a whole new system, a bunch of new players, and suffered through one of Cleveland's most injury-plagued seasons ever. He made some mistakes (Derek Anderson) and there were some growing pains (Derek Anderson), but thinks finally clicked into place and we won our last four games, knocking the Steelers out of the playoffs in the process and FINALLY unearthing the gem that is Jerome Harrison. For a team that rebuilds every twenty-three seconds, it's nice to see some continuity, especially since we have 11 picks in the Draft and a lot to build on. Mike Holmgren, I salute you for going against the grain as a Real Man of Genius (He's the WALRUS!).
I don't think you're reading too much into anything. I think she's a good person who's almost magically out of touch with the rest of the world. Any cuddly, fluffy feelings I had for her died a violent death when she was on TOP CHEF this year. In the middle of a vegetarian meal, she claimed - straight-facedly - that she considered eating meat to be the equivalent of rape. So...I'm pretty much done there.
I think it's fucking gross that WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE and CORALINE were bumped in favor of bullshit like 2012 and TERMINATOR: SALVATION, but it's almost moot in light of the fact that nothing is even going to get close to AVATAR in that category. Highly disturbing? Fox has been sending out promotional materials touting AVATAR...for Best Screenplay. Vomit.
I stand corrected - sorry to have made the implication; I just misread. Everything else lays as intended :)
I'm inclined to agree with the majority here in that the article appears to a flippant and relatively ignorant take on a particular new brand of journalism/entertainment (though I might stop short of calling it "entrepreneurship" in all cases). I can imagine how it might be rather personally offensive. What I'm disappointed in is the commentary on such and the decidedly black/white strokes in which the article, its intentions and its writer are now being people apparently demanding the very philosophical grayscale with which we're encouraged to view matters of gender politics. Dismissing this article as flatly misogynistic is just...lazy. Beyond that, it seeks to create a controversy where there may be none, and I find that sad. Though I'm in consort with many of the author's assertions, to assume that the VF writer is "frightened" or "threatened" is going a step too far. That's like saying all racists are simply afraid of black people. It's ridiculous. People have any manner of reasons/origins/perpetuations for idiotic behavior and beliefs, and I'm not even sure the VF writer is totally guilty of those - she seems at worst snarkily ill-informed and at worst simply guilty of a badly-synthesized opinion. Must we jump to the conclusion that everyone of a different viewpoint is cowering, terrified of our personal bents and objectives? The person who claims such often only weakens their own argument by assuming another on a less-worthy ideological footing. So this VF girl isn't impressed with a couple of Internet Sueprstars. Big fucking deal. She deserves to be called on her short-sightedness (as I believe Kiala deftly did for the most part), but the near-crucifixion is a bit much.
You guys might well appreciate this: