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Once again, despite all the billions and billions spent on various government agencies and forces, alert passengers are the only effective defense. How long will it be before it becomes obvious to more people that we must begin a sensible program to arm passengers?
I wouldn't pay too much attention to Snopes anymore. They have either veered to the left or revealed their leftist inclination. It is true that the Bakken oil, while very large, is no where near enough to supply US needs by itself. It is also true, although unstated by Snopes, that improving drilling technology makes any existing estimate of the Bakken oil probably on the low side. The Canadian oil sands probably represent a larger resource than the Bakken. I don't mind getting a lot of our oil from Canada at all. In fact, if we have to buy it from anyone, I'd rather it be the Canadians. The biggest resource of all is the shale oil deposits under Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. The 800 billion estimate of recoverable oil from that source is on the LOW side. Other estimates have been as high as two trillion. There is no mystery why these deposits have not been developed until now. We didn't know how to do it until recently. We tried digging up the rock and cooking it during the Carter years under the old Synfuel Corporation, but that failed. Shell demonstrated a new technology to get the oil out of the shale on an economic basis just a couple of years ago. Keep this in perspective. Even if we started full scale development of the oil shale deposits, it would be two years before the first drops were produced. It would be ten years before any significant production would occur. To me, that means we should begin immediately. Obama and the commies absolutely won't. Just forget about even starting before 2013, and even then only if the country regains its sanity and votes these "No Bell" clowns outta office. In the meantime we have to deal with existing problems with whatever is on hand. Now more than ever, efficiency and conservation are patriotic. Waste is treason.
Armaros wrote: "....they would seek this evil gratification even among those who would first kill every journalist if in power for only a day." I doubt any hypothetical future dictator in America will feel much need to kill many journalists. So many of them exhibit no journalistic impulse other than to seek the nearest boot to lick. Why kill so many willing slaves, who only beg to be allowed to serve in the house? Or maybe Armaros gives the word "journalist" a stricter definition than that which applies to most of those who draw a paycheck associated with that job title?
What is wrong with Camp David? It was good enough for every President since FDR. It has more privacy and the security is already in place. All at no additional cost to the taxpayer.
To the extent that you respond to The Useful Idiot, you get off message. Stay on point.