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George DD
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Interests: friends, computers, science, sex, drugs, web, rock and roll, family. Not necessarily in that order.
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Thanks for the correction Stephen! George, asleep at the wheel again.
Hi Ravee I posted a reply on discodamaged. And Ill be away Aug 16 :-( xx George DD
Went to Contact last night with a couple of friends, who I hardly saw once we were inside. There were not many people there, but all the ones that were there were friendly. Met nice people downstairs for a chat and nearly everybody upstairs in the darkroom got on with it quickly. Very nice surprise. Left well pleased at 1.30 and didn't notice any drinks promotions or after party.
@ian, well nearest to Pimlico is Chariots Vauxhall which is my favourite and gets very busy at weekends in the early hours. Find the darkroom. Then there's Locker Room also near by, much smaller but can be fun ...
Daniel wrote on They are too small so they don't give enough lube and they don't last six hours. Also as they are 'mess free' there is no lube on the outside and you need a bit there so your partner can get it in.
The Queen has more sense: When I was at University a long time ago, my physics professor told us that .... he used to work at the atomic research centre at Aldermaston and the queen came to have a look at the atoms. That must have been in the '60s. There was a special toilet reserved her highness and, he said, the seat was destroyed at the end of her visit.
It doesn't say scat on the lab website. I was guessing that it's Scat because it's shut the next day. That's the usual procedure after scat parties.
Just to be clear about Fickstutenmarkt in Berlin: They always have five or six helpers around. There job is to help the blindfolded mares to bar / toilets etc and also to check that the rules are obeyed. They frequently check that mares with white hoods really are being fucked safely. I have never heard of the rule being broken. I have seen people thrown out for other transgressions such as stallion on stallion sex. Verboten!
I so agree with Steve: "People have responsibility over their own actions where ever they are. All I can say is safe sex practises are encouraged and we have lots of condoms/lube available etc." and I commend Fitladz for the ample provision of condoms and lube. The statistic "One in seven gay men in London is HIV+" was qualified by "... on the scene", I think j1mmy111 is over-pessimistic. In Berlin which is a huge HIV hotspot, people are often surprised by a refusal to fuck with a condom. I find the refusal sad. If it's only worth fucking if you are bareback, then you should be in bed asleep. Fickstutenmarkt is a Berlin establishment where bottoms go hooded so they cannot see. The bottoms (or mares) have to choose a red or white hood: red for barebacking, white for safe. Stallions can see and I was pleased to notice that of the 70 or so mares there were only about 10 who had red hoods. Once again: Things aren't as bad as it may seem. More on Fuckstutenmarkt here:
Hi Tonkertim, I think I've just about recovered from my hissy fit and getting very very drunk with Chantal on Thursday (I had to get her out the bog so she could go on stage!) And Tonker IS listed under Tonker, admittedly with other Eagle stuff. AND you only sent us listings on Thursday. We do miracles, but not the impossible! Tsk tsk.
Er, actually it was Gavster censoring George. Luckily I didn't get the sack ...
Hi Romain, If you want Booster listed on discodamaged, send us details in an email or on facebook. Cheers
Amer is correct lab (in same building as Berghain) and Bulll are not related. Read about lab.oratory here read about Bull here