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lafontaine now is member of the "linkspartei", a party that hasn't got anything to do but attacking the usa. here are two other things lafontaine and the linkspartei were saying: - last month, lafontaine said, the left had much in common with islam. islam is against usary and in islam the strong one is helping the weak. then he said iran needed an assurance not to be attacked. he also said, that the usa just invaded irak to get oil. so in one thing he's right: he has a lot in common with RoP. (the german statements you're going to find here) - one member of the linkspartei, ulla jelpke, who is also a member of the bundestag went to cuba. there she signed a resolution against a "nuclear war against iran". the resolution also said, that there is a network of state-terrorism that is lead by the usa and that the world had to respect the democratic decision of the palestinians to vote hamas. (the german statements you're going to find here) these statements weren't big news either.