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That these are the black people "who *can* be targeted in an attack like this" is the answer to the question (assuming the White supremacist angle). Dylan Roof claimed he hated Black people for criminal behavior, and then admitted he didn't go after those, because he was afraid of return fire. Which, of course, lead him to a church headed by a gun control activist.
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Twin Peaks. I think it's getting close to Laura Palmer's "See you in 25 years." Then again, I think I'd rather have a movie than a series for this. I'd take either.
Obviously the numbers are nothing to brag about (yet), or they would be releasing the numbers. But they're right, not everybody will watch on the first night or even the first week. There's no pressure unless something you wanna see is going to expire soon. I just wonder if they'll ever put it out on DVD.
"porn is where nf needs to go." Streaming porn (that's probably a genre) would likely get them kicked off a few devices. Disc by mail porn? Sticky envelopes. 'Nuff said!
Cheaper would be good, especially if there's less content. But if they can get stuff that isn't on Netflix, even better. I think there's room for multiple services at the $8-$10 range. Netflix has a lot of Anime, but much of it is still English dub only, so Crunchyroll fills that niche when I'm in the mood for it.
"NPR had a story about the 24.4 million subscribers, pointing out a lot of people are using their free trials they started at Christmas, either from gift subscriptions or from their new Netflix-capable gadgets" X-mas memberships would be included in the 4th quarter numbers (610.000). Even if they retained none of them, that would leave 23 point whatever million (I'm not good at math). "If the disc is "dead", then why is the industry hawking Blu Ray like crazy?" Disc isn't dead, in my opinion, but the industry that's hawking them, isn't encouraging more rentals. The 28 day waiting period seems to indicate that they think disc rentals hurt sales. At least on new releases (blind buys). "I can't wait for Netflix to raise the price of the streaming so the $8 streaming-only crowd can cry about that. It is inevitable." True. But like the last time, it won't make too much of a dent in the numbers. Not unless Hulu Plus ditches the commercials or Amazon makes some moves to make them a viable alternative.
" If Netflix is trying to say that it's ok to let starz go because only about 2% of their streaming is starz, well, there's a whole lot more that they can get rid of with that same reasoning." Umm. Let's not forget that Starz was let go because they insisted that Netflix raise our prices to reflect the premium-ness of their content (rather than asking for a bajillion more dollars which would'a made *some* sense). Anybody who agrees with their position can actually subscribe to their a premium. Weren't they streaming video before Netflix? Is that still happening? So, yeah. The same reasoning could apply to other content.
Netflix is going down the tuuuubes, maaan! Wait. They aren't? Huh. How about that?
"All three shows will be available exclusively on the free, ad-supported Hulu service and the Hulu Plus subscription service." According to their FAQ, Hulu Plus is also ad-supported; I was wondering if they'd done away with that, but nope.
There's at least a two week window between the time a blu-ray rip hits the web and the time it gets to the stores or rental outlets. So maybe the free review copies or some other issue based at the source is the real problem. I don't rent DVDs at all. I see the movie at the theatre, or I download it. Then buy it if I expect to want to watch it again more than once. I blind buy only when the movie is dirt cheap, like 5 bucks for a blu-ray.
10 bucks or less (I'm sure part of the reason media companies hate Netflix is that they've established the expectation of cheap streaming media). I don't see HBO going directly to customers right away. I suspect there would be some sort of retaliation from the cable and satellite companies. Unless it was more expensive ($20-25).
"preserving the appropriate pricing and packaging of our exclusive and highly valuable content" Yeah... Well, good luck with that., the website for Cablevision's News 12. Updates aren't as live as they would be on TV (maybe). Also, most of the over the air stations (2, 4, 5, 7) have been very inclusive of Long Island news, at least as far as weather and traffic, over the last several years.
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Jun 9, 2011