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You're not even close. I agree with Barrett and I think the players deserved to get booed if they do such things. Like intentional handballs or diving. Plus the fans pay good money and they can show their displeasure if they please. The Henry and Suarez handball are the same thing. Suarez got caught and Henry did not. Thats the only difference. They are both cheats.
I LOVE THE BOOING!!!! Nothing classless or ridiculous about it.
Just posting this up: FIFA seems to be finally taking notice. If they say they are not deaf, they certainly seem like they are at times. No mention of replays or extra technology or refs.
Honestly I don't know how it works. I believe FIFA gives each team a set amount of money for as long as they are in the tournament. Once they are out I think their stay is over and they go home. I don't see why any of the players would want to stay. At this point, it is now a vacation for USA soccer. Come home boys and get a proper reception!! It would be pretty cool if they did like a tour of some cities. But USSF would never do that, they are lame.
They did implement the Adidas Program and the U17 Bradenton program. Both still going. The whole problem is who is in charge of it? Sunil. Maybe Sunil is the problem, Not BB. Project 2010 was a bit over ambitious but in a way we did become a recognizable soccer nation by 2010 that can compete for a World Cup and we are producing better talent now. But I think they should have called it Project 2018 because 2010 was way too ambitious. I've always told my friends that the USA will win a WC in my lifetime probably even in the next 5 WC cycles (i'm still in 20's)
Exactly!!! and the results show we were only really better than 1 team of the 4 we played (disallowed goals aside). Anyhow, I think BB did a good job with the talent pool of players over the past 4 years. Every coach will make decisions that get question by outsiders but the players have to perform. We obviously didn't perform to a level to get us to the next level. Here's to 2014.
Yea, He is slightly above mediocre right now but is only 20, he will get better I hope or maybe he'll turn into another Adu and let fame and fortune get to him and not work hard enough to get to the next level. It all remains to be seen. But he clearly doesn't seem to feel as american as others, maybe he is like Rossi and although he grew up in the USA he feels more of his parents heritage. Who knows?
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
Yea, well we have always been a more defensive team but i think only in the past 2 years or so have we become more skilled offensively than defensively. Donovan, Dempsey...we have known but Altidore, Davies, Holden, Torres all bring more offensive flair and are relatively newcomers to the national team. I think with players like a Dempsey, Donovan, Altidore we might start getting more consistent media time and might inspire more people to choose soccer over another sport when they are younger. As for Edu, he is good but was mostly unfit coming into this WC so it was questionable. Hard Calls to make for BB since the players have to show on the practice field as well.
Isn't Dunga playing a very similar style with Brazil. More defensive and countering. But Brazil has such quality players that they can easily play that way and still put up chances. I think of the USA as a Brazil-Lite with more finishing skills.
I will use the word wanker as freely as I deem reasonable to describe those who overreact to the results of this USA WC squad. Surely, everyone had their questions about this USA team of players and coaches. But Hindsight goes both ways, its only a what if. I can give you many scenarios of what ifs. Y'all just overreact to every little situation, especially when you are not there next to the coaches or players knowing exactly what is going on. I know the definition of hindsight, and for that I call you a wanker!! As for FIFA rankings they are a joke, especially because the qualifying tournaments every confederation is set up differently. So it gives no true meaning to an actual ranking but generalized rankings and even friendlies mostly give no meaning because they usually end up with B or C squads playing each other and not the A squad being used in the WC finals.
Ahhh, How about you go back to your Baja mexico home and smoke your weed
I don't know Len, After the past 2 games it seems as if Feilhaber or Holden should have gotten more time, as well as Edu. Putting Dempsey up top might have been the best option and giving him the freedom to switch with Donovan. But how much of our 2nd half success was due to urgency and teams sitting back more or being tired since we never took the game to them in the 1st half, there has to be something said for that. But its hard to make these decisions when we had so many people not fit, not playing much time with their clubs or having been injured or just recently come off injury. BB made the right decisions and the players didn't perform to their abilities and maybe we were just not as good as advertised.
Yea, BB and the players did well. BB made the right calls many times this WC. Benching Onyewu, playing Bornstein. I always thought it would be hard to pick a striker with Jozy b/c Buddle, Gomez and Findley don't play in leagues with the talent level that Jozy plays in. I think Findley was the right call, speed is important up front but Findley just has trouble finishing. I think he'll have a shot for 2014 depending on Davies health and fitness and younger players. Findley has time on his side. Dempsey was an absolute beast for the majority of this world cup. Especially the past 2 games.
Really, Onyewu was completely not fit for this world cup and his knee not fully recovered. Gutsy call to play Bornstein the past 2 games and Bornstein finally showed up, he was possibly our best defender out there today and maybe our 3rd best player. Clark on the other hand pulled a Reyna. But the defenders did little to help pick up his teammate. Clark was sprinting back to help defend, whereas Bradley was basically jogging, if he sprints back to help maybe he deflects to ball a bit or puts off the timing of Boateng. Or if Demerit closes down alittle more, that changes things. Turnovers happen in soccer and you have to help pick up your teammates. Our defense was not good for the majority of this tournament.
Not bad. I'd like to see Adu, Mcinerney, Okugo, Agudelo and some other young guys. We need to start finding players like Rossi or Subotic who are unsure to play for one country or another and start to cap them now!!
In other news: FIFA finally decides to meet Adidas about the Jabulani ball. FIFA is a disgrace. The Jabulani ball prototype was horrible and all adidas did was put those "control grooves" on the ball. It has easily shown it is a horrible ball. Maybe FIFA will figure out how to use technology to get play fair on the pitch!
Ahhh whatever, you are all a bunch of whinners!!!! This team did good and made alot of people pround and helped gain more fans and possibly inspire young people BB did good. Hindsight is always 20/20 and if we want to start playing that game, I got many other scenarios for you wankers!!, stop whining and start accepting that we are not a top soccer team/country yet and we did good to help build soccer in this country and influence people to follow it. We got out of a very easy group by most peoples analysis, Did some things that no USA team ever did and we no have more soccer players playing or being considered for top flight teams around the world!!
Moral victories may not mean much but to the USA and our soccer fans or more complacent soccer fans, we have built our fan base
So you can say 100% certain that he doesn't do that. Did you spend every day with BB and the USA team during training? I swear that USA fans think we have some amazing team and give no respect to the other team. I hope BB stays on for next WC.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
100% is quite an overestimate. Howard was out of position and the backline did little to stop a shot. How can you get beat on inner post like that. Howard got beat on two goals we have been used to him stopping, although the 2nd one was a good shot.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
Reverb.....I think you are just like everyone else. BB did an amazing job with this group. What hamstrung this team was not keeping possession and defensive breakdowns in the first 45. In the end it is up to the players to perform and finish. BB took over a team that went out in the first round in 2006. We were 1st in qualifying and 1st in our group in this world cup. He tried out an amazing amount of players and helped soccer grow in this country.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
Howard is a definite in my mind........As for Donovan and Dempsey it all depends on their health and how much they lose in physical ability over the next 4 years. Don't forget Findley, I think he is only 24. As well as Holden. We have some young players coming up. McInerney, Okugo, Agudelo, Gil, among many others!! Don't forget about Adu, if he can figure things out.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
People need to stop hating on BB right now. He got us to this point. In the end it is up to the players to make quality plays, have correct positioning and not make turnovers. Our problem is our defense, BB could not really do anything about this. We don't have any standout players. Bornstein arguably was our best defender tonight, so what does that say about our backline? We are an up and coming team in soccer. Lets look forward to 2014 and all the games that build up to that. I think BB is a good coach, very disciplined and is in control of the team. We had great chances to score but we could never finish.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
If they stay healthy and keep their fitness, then they have a great shot but the younger players will have something to say about it!!
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives
Here's to looking forward to the USA-Brazil game in August!!
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2010 on USA vs. Ghana: Matchday Commentary at Soccer By Ives