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I thought the character almost necessary, on the one hand, to maintain a continuity, with the idea of "academy" (Roddenberry started out serializing "West Point Stories") and on the other hand..."there are fingers" (Steven Wright) to have some other place for kindly interaction in the story, i.e., with "Mom" Dr. Crusher with whom there was some romantic "subtext" with the captain, Jean-Luc Picard so the story wouldn't turn into an epic "space opera".
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Thanks for the clip. We'll sure miss Isaac Hayes and don't recall seeing it. That sort of happened to me in Harlem in 1968. I was on "vacation" from summer camp Timber Lake with a brother from Roosevelt who was working there, I was the head dishwasher he drove the 50s Army jeep, 6'6" (on the one hand thank the deity for Hummers, he was also the camp basketball star) and did the maintenance. I walked into the Harlem candy store for an egg-cream (a NYC drink of chocolate syrup some milk and seltzer) then realized all I had was a $20, and the white guy behind the counter let me have it for free after alerting everyone, the guys hanging out at the magazine rack, the only way out, that what did I expect he'd have change for a $20? I left the small change on the counter. I was once followed home by a kid-brother of New York Golden Gloves boxer with a chip on his shoulder and spent three days in the hospital with my nose packed with cotton cord, and lo and behold the guy next to me had to call the nurses when I had once large giant sneeze! I actually had a cast on my nose. Hope you get well soon, I did that fall in an archaeology survey of the Republic Airport, last year, a part abandoned when they put the second runway in, near th blimp mast. Caught my foot in a buried wire fence under some undergrowth and almost landed face first on a liquor bottle. Lucky my left had braced my fall. Did it again on a woody vine on the old street there when a B-24 and a P-51 landed out of nowhere rushing to see WT? Shut your mouth...Shaft.
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Jodies have been bursting in soldiers' hearts for more than 50 years. As the story goes, a formation of exhausted troops was returning to its barracks at Fort Slocum, N.Y., in May 1944 when a rhythmic chant arose from the columns. Pvt. Willie Duck-worth, a black soldier on detached service with Fort Slocum's Provisional Training Center, sang out the first-ever rendition of "Sound-off," "Sound-off; 1-2; Sound-off; 3-4; Count cadence; 1-2-3-4; 1-2 -- 3-4." Other soldiers in the formation joined in and their dragging feet picked up momentum. Jodies: Songs on the Move
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Desert Storm: famous photographer (Hanson) invents a cable lift, nested square tubular lift for TV cameras, goes up over the Embassy compound in Baghdad, some said the only photos we would have, except for jets taking off for sorties from Saudi Arabia. He demoed it for my company in archaeology. Today: some embedded photographers and others like Judy Miller. A drafted service: too risky with cameras everywhere.
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I and looked at some of the equipment costs. Headgear for "night vision" (aptly named, does not work near dawn or dusk only thermal imaging does used in fires and even archaeology, buried stones hold heat, or what the Swedes have invented gated-laser imaging for terrestrial and underwater remote sensing, probably to guard the "caves" their navy is kept in since WWII. Recently we've joined up, "Svensk testad" (Volvo motto) they run their Stirling engine sub off California, we try to "hear" it) about $4-$5000. William Shatner wore one doing a border patrol on horseback, after trying to save the huge fish, the whale-shark (40'+ fish eats krill only like a whale, though a fish) so I think some of the photos were taken at night, with the infrared helmet attachment. I spent many a day looking through an infrared transit, which can bounce off prism mirrors thousands of feet for engineers (and in space?). After CBS news reported Irak (Sp.) overwhelmingly for their Constitution, and I read Associated Press says overwhelming numbers of Sunnis turned out against, ABC news last night reported two provinces against, which are geographically large. I think part of this is over who controls the Mosul oil fields, where the ancient city of Nuzi was dug up in the 1930's by Starr of Harvard, part of Mitanni, near Kirkuk, and where the Ency. Britanica reports "catholics" from 300 AD onward, and if the Kurds, who live in 3 or four countries on Iraq's borders, have autonomy in Iraq. One of my former archaeology professors at Stony Brook University, as reported, is trying to secure funds to rebuild Iraq's archaeology collections, by training Iraqis, and getting no commitments beyond a short term one year deal.
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