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George Latimer
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GUILT: What is your problem?? You call ME the most corrupt politician in New York? Are you nuts? I have no control over the DEC; I don't tell Ron Gatto what to do. I have no "relationship" whatsoever to Hen Island or any of the people involved. I received two inquiries from two separate people out there, and I have asked the DEC if they were aware of the issue. They make the decision to investigate further or not. You are way out of line with your accusations. I'm doing the same job I do every day- asking and answering questions from constituents. You have every right to question me - but to jump to absurd conclusions and accusations? I read comments all the time from people I know like Ted Carroll, Charmian Neary, Bob Zahm, Jimmy Amico. They speak with passion, too, but they back up their statements with facts and they are confident enough to say their peace publicly. Whether I agree with them or not on any particular issue, I have great respect for them. In the last 72 hours, you've stayed anonymous, and said some awful things about me, and asserted all kinds of falsehoods about what I've done. I've been working for my Rye neighbors for a long time... Come out from behind your nom de plume, and we'll have a real conversation.
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Mar 31, 2012