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All of the rumors and stories come from one source: New Rochelle Talk of the Sound, Robert Cox. Cox has made it a mission to attack every Democrat elected in New Rochelle and those on the School Board as well. His political leanings are clear. Don't take my word for it - go through his archives. Where there IS a legitimate public scandal - is Rob Astorino taking campaign money and a discounted Rolex from two scoundrels for police Chaplain placards (aka free parking passes). This places Rob squarely in the middle of a bribery accusation, in Federal court testimony. This is a serious and career-ending scandal. But see if Cox covers this at any level of interest. Voters can vote for me or against me as they see fit. They can vote up or down based on my public record. my party affiliation or for any other reason under the sun. Attacking me for my wife's house - calling me a deadbeat; accusing me of lying to the police after a simple car accident; finding something sinister in simply aggregating my car tickets payments at year's end as I usually do, and scoring me for that...all of this smacks of throw anything against the wall and see if it sticks. For three straight Senate races, GOP operatives have accused me of anything and everything so they could win a seat they assumed would be theirs. Now I threaten their patronage control of the County and things ramp up a notch. If Rob had been a superlative CE, there'd be no need to slash and burn me like this. But he's not talking about his record, he's trying his best to impugn my personal reputation as a path to victory. If that type of politics moves you, then vote for Rob. But stop calling me names, and respect that I have worked hard for people over a long time. Beat me on the merits of your ideas, not trolling through the garbage can and sewer. It's a wonder why anybody subjects themselves to this in order to serve in public office.
Ted No falling credibility at all. The conservative blogger Cox joins in the Character Assassination which is essential to the incumbent beating me. The unfortunately accident had no credibility issues: no speeding, no drinking, no ticket. Plenty of witnesses, so nothing to sweep under the rug. The insurance companies are handling the claim. But... You've often imputed motives and actions to me that were fanciful. Just because I'm an elected official. Every one can see Rob is dropping big $$$ to beat me. Nasty stuff. But I just stay normal every day -- My biggest crime? I'm calling out the CE on his record: Playland, the Airport, the true story on taxes. The people will decide. I'll trust in them, not bloggers with an agenda.
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Oct 16, 2017