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> That looks workable. To me, too. Ming, U R onto something! just had a conversation with @gdeepwater about the same (among other things related to sorting out conversations); it connects with what we are talking abut here - i bet, there are a number of conversations going on right now, unbeknownst to us, about the same - for making them more visible to each other, we will need the tool(s) that will hopefully, emerge from this exchange... > Some kind of synchronization would need to take place, I suppose, to make sure we agree on when exactly the stream starts. We can already do that when we transcribe and harvest skype calls. See the "method" section of the "Harvesting Conference Calls" pattern that I wrote 6 years ago: . Using that pattern, or parts of it, it would be easy to generate enough raw data to feed a proof-of-concept (prolly, not a working protoytpe, just yet). Woudn't it make sense to try out something, from which we can learn what are the next challenges to address? Would that be too early to try? Ming, what is your sense, could you create some code for that or are there still major elements missing even for an alpha 0.1?
1 reply the reply above: When more of us hold the metabeing perspective more consistently (and compare our notes), we'll start discovering interesting tidbits about its needs & aspirations. Some people call that a "global-scale collective intelligence".
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Back 2 Bernd's opening statements: > If I find you in both A and B that attracts my attention and I realize we have more in common. If we spread the connection we grow the potential attention of one circle for the other. I'm always curious of what happens to the emergent global metabeing when things like that happen to you and me. Holding that lens, what "I as metabeing" am experiencing is my own ongoing complexification through the humans' growing recognition of their multifaceted universal self in each other's overlapping networks. What that reminds my individual self is that identity is a matter of belonging. I enrich and ground my multidimensional self through being part of multiple cirecles that I care about. It's like being (in) conversation between the psychological, cosmic, and group dimensions of existence. Who is the "I" who just loves listening in? :-)
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> Felt much smaller than the case above, maybe because I am outsider to your circles. You cannot be possibly outside, if you consider that all of this is part of The Conversation. I feel our work is to discover the functional alignments between the various circles so that imaginal cells can find each other, lump together and from the plasma of transformation the body of the butterfly can emerge. Regarding the "imaginal cells", see: . Thanks for the idea. My first step towards a participatory action research into community straddling and connecting circles is focused on developing a tool for mapping transformational initiatives on the edge: . I'm working with a small group on developing sufficient coherence about that to go public with our ideas and questions, hopefully soon.
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