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sounds like the defenses are: (1) honest mistake, and (2)lots of people do it and/or there are worse lies or worse liars. let's assume (1) is not true. then, is (2) really a defense? sounds like everyone above agrees that lies do matter. (at least if the other guy does it) I think so to. If a politician is a repeated liar, that's one legit factor against voting for the person b/c I can't trust they really mean what they represent they'll do. so, then we're back to (1). I'm a runner too, and so it seemed impossible to make that kind of mistake, but ... the point that a non serious runner may not realize or remember his time seems like a fair one. So, sounds like we all agree it's fair game for political coverage to try to uncover lying liars and the lies they tell. (and you can't for a second believe that Fox News wouldn't jump on it if this had happened re: Obama, can you?) so, seems to me it's just more 2012 politics & journalism & partisanship as usual.
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Jun 17, 2011