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Georgianne Fastaia
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the best gift I received after i gave birth to Sophie Lee was a postpartum doula.I credit Annies invaluable help as a post partum doula during the weeks following the birth of my daughter with making the adjustment to motherhood smooth and stressfree. As a firsttime mom, I had no idea what to expect and Annie provided humor, perspective,practical help--anything from doing my shopping,dishes,laundry, to teaching me how to nourish myself with healthy foods that were easy to make while juggling a newborn (my favorite was a big bowl of chopped boiled eggs, chopped tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and avacado), to preparing me nutritous smoothies and lunches, to helping me decipher the baby sling, the breast pump and every detail. Sometimes she just gave me a break so i could take a long shower. Basically she did everything that your mom (or whichever family member) offers to do but with no hangups or attachments to how you want to do things. I felt free to ask anything of her. Her help, a few hours a day helped me transition into motherhood successfully and joyfully.
my daughter is 22 months, so i am not yet savvy on the books on cd, however i discovered a magical for lack of a better word, childrens animated show on cable/ on demand on the SPROUT CHANNEL, UNDER NOGGIN .it is called little bear. originally a book by maurice sendack, of where the wild things are, the show retains the same imaginative mellow tone. we love to watch little bear with sophie. it is zero percent annoying and totally whimsical and lovely.