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I'm sure this will be superb. Your writing has always been fantastic!
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Oct 8, 2013
Hope your next projects are fantastically successful. I'll continue to faithfully read your site.
Great list. I found "The Master" to be a superb film, with a perfect integration of storytelling, acting, that really rise the film to a level of artistry that I didn't see anywhere else. Personally I found "Lincoln" a good film, but again, overrated and very much built on a formula level. When will Steven Spielberg start directing films again that are risky and imaginative? "Killing them Softly" was another fantastic film - I personally enjoyed it a lot more than Andrew Dominik's first feature, and Brad Pitt was perfectly cast in the film. Looking forward to see "Zero Dark Thirty".
Awesome list Glen, but I do think Tim Burton and Clint Eastwood should also feature on that list.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on "The Master" at Some Came Running
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Aug 6, 2012