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Northumberland, UK
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I bought a version years ago but don't know who it was by, so I shall read both Coates and Aiken. I've read quite a lot of her work and like her, so it'll be interesting to see what I think. Pretty sure I've read Mansfield Revisited. Coates could be good, I quite enjoyed Patience. I'm envious of your new bookshelves.
I stopped reading him soemtime in the 90s, I suppose, and rather because of the attitudes which were becoming uncomfortable, but at this remove I think I could happily go back and read them all again. I certainly enjoyed his books when I first discovered them in the 70s. Good to see them being reissued.
Ooh, this sounds good. And due nicely in time for Hallowe'en next year, I see!
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What an absolutely heavenly rose!
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Bliss! I love those embroidered silks...
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Horribly late as ever, but thank you, Cornflower! Hoping to join in with Tom's Midnight Garden this month, but in the meantime, wishing you a very happy new year.
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10%? Good grief! Unthinkable! I had a cull 20 years ago when when we moved house. Since then I've had to buy about half of the books I got rid of because I missed them. But I do admit that not everyone has my re-reading habits. I only cull books I am sure I won't re-read, and I'm not always right about that.
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Lovely post, Elaine, and the pictures are fascinating. I remember Troy wearing a pair of trousers like that on the telly series, I'm sure. I haven't read all of Marsh, it's time I put that right, because I do like her (though I'm a bit shocked by the portrayal of DLS), but my heart really belongs to Albert Campion. I thought Jill Paton Walsh's books were very good (and I like her own amateur sleuth, Imogen Quy.) Gave up on George - too irritating for words!
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Oh dear, that's sad news, I'm really sorry to hear it.
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Lovely photographs, especially the sparrowhawk. Aren't acers satisfying to take pictures of?!
I'm immensely flattered by your description of me, Karen, but I'm just an enthusiastic proselytizer! However, I do have the effrontery to set myself up against PGW and Mary (and by implication, Mr C.) because I love August Folly, the first of Angela Thirkell's books I read. I'd also love to see more of Denis Mackail's books being reprinted though (Greenery Street is a Persephone, but you have to hunt for the rest) because he's pretty good too.
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I've had The Wolves on the re-read pile for quite a while, so I'm delighted to have a push in its direction! And I've long meant to read the Iain Pears book, I'll see if the library has it after Christmas.
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People might be interested to know that BBC Radio 4 is to broadcast Three Houses as Book of the Week in Christmas week - five 15-minute instalments, starting on 24 December. Three Houses reads wonderfully alongside Diana Holman Hunt's memoir, My Grandmothers and I.
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I'm so glad you went to see it and love your collage of photos. It really is the most wonderful place.
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What a brilliant idea! I'll put a link to it from my children's book blog, which is also aimed at adults (mainly the nostalgic kind, I my case) and I'll follow with interest.
Love the quote! Shall be looking out for this one. Hope you can weather the awful times - I was wondering how you were the other day, as you hadn't posted for a while. Let's hope that things pick up again soon...
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2012 on Blue Friday by Mike French at Juxtabook
I am still struggling to finish Touch Not the Cat! It's the only Mary Stewart novel I haven't enjoyed - I read The Ivy Tree recently for its Northumbrian setting and thoroughly enjoyed it, and I loved the Merlin books. And Thornyhold is one of my comfort reads, a wonderful evocation of a house.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2012 on The cat's kittens at Cornflower Books
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I loved them all, although especially the first, but I don't like them quite as much as I liked another trilogy which came out at around the same time, and to which I awaited the sequels even more eagerly: Garth Nix's Old Kingdom trilogy. I've read that several times, to the once I've read Pullman's. My husband, who hasn't read His Dark Materials, did enjoy the film.
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Looks pretty good already but with the addition of some jellied stock I think it would be delicious. I should like to try it sometime though I think I'd go back to spring onions because I don't like leeks much. I'll tell you how I get on!
I remember meeting Gladys Mills briefly when I was 13 and my mother was working on a summer show in Bournemouth. She (Mrs Mills) had arms like sledgehammers and her size would certainly add credence to the Quality Street story! Her playing style was of the sledgehammer school too. If you were being kind I suppose you'd describe it as "bravura".
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Oh, definitely a treasure trove! I like to have lots of unread books - what if we get snowed in again? It's happened several times...
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2012 on Observation of the day at Cornflower Books
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Isn't that wonderful! The only thing that would worry me is that I'd feel a sudden need to read one of them...
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2012 on Quebec’s Garden of Decaying Books at Juxtabook
This sounds like an excellent Christmas present for my mother (and if I give her it, I can read it as well). It's a lovely cover. I see there's a companion volume, Cat Stories, which would also make a good present.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2012 on To be read: Dog Stories at Cornflower Books
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I misread your first sentence and thought that, after Simon's post, you were expecting that we were all burning our copies! I wouldn't go quite that far, but I certainly have ditched any vague notions I might have had about reading Webb sometime. On the other hand, the John Sutherland book looks a bit of a must-have.
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I read When Last I died last month - she certainly wouldn't go to the top of my list of favourite crime writers, but I quite enjoyed the absence of anything PC about Mrs Bradley - I do like the sound of Merlin's Furlong, I must say! My kind of silliness, I think. I rather enjoyed the Diana Rigg series, but couldn't see that her portrayal had much to do with the Mrs Bradley of the books.
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