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Content as marketing is nothing new -- just ask anyone who ever hung up an autoparts pinup calendar or read from a Folgers Passover Haggada. The issue, as you put it, is utility. Or value. Or quality. Or content batting averages. Marketers are at a disadvantage when creating content since they, unlike pure content creators (studios, musicians, comedians), are often beholden to shoehorning their marketing into the content. They start off with a handicap. Roll in the dynamic that most content from content-for-content-sake industries like film, music, print,and TV are failures (ever looked at success percentages for films, TV shows, and albums?), and you're going to see very few wins and an abundance of failures from non-content businesses trying to play in the content sandbox.
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Good stuff. Two additional quick and tried methods to slow down a coordinated attack is (1) include language in your house rules allowing for the removal of duplicate posts and banning of serial offenders and (2) to shut down wall and post commenting for a few hours and allow for the velocity of attacks to die down.
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May 11, 2011