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Speaking of their "Fluence ZE", I reckon it is too big a car for it to be an all-electric one. A car of this size (4 metres 75 and no words on its weight) would have to be a hybrid (series or series-parallel, the best systems to me). My reasoning is that ev's will be used primarily in built-up areas due to range issues and thus small is better-suited. I will have a bet and say it won't be successful.
To HarveyD: What I mean is that the car I would buy should have at least its engine(and gearboxe if possible) designed and made on an OEM basis by what is written on its trunk. I consider those two components (and the chassis you might argue as well) as the heart of a car. Anything else is what I always call a "bastard" car. And yes, there is an element of pride in it too.
Oh my god! There is the ugly thing again where you have a car with an engine from, let's say, John, a gearbox from Henry, a chassis from Pete and the logo on the boot(or trunk) from Paul. Not my cup of tea and what I would buy for sure.
Is it just me? It makes me think of a Wankel engine.
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Apr 9, 2010