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Gerhardt Steinke
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At first blush, I see a massive collection of commentary objecting to German media reporting on American "leaders" such as Dick and George. What makes me reluctant to devote any more of my finite time to this area of inquiry is text such as the following: " the Bush-hater and current member of the Kerry team Joseph Wilson, with the Bush-hater and Democratic Senator Bob Graham, with the Bush-hater Greg Thielmann, with the Bush hater Karen Kwiatkowski." Discribing someone as a "hater" or a "lover" does NOT further a discussion. The level of love or hate is irrelevant to whether or not what is said is true. At no place in David blog do I see ANY specific indication that ANYTHING written by Joe Wilson et al is false. Perhaps Wilson's "hate" - better said OUTRAGE at being lied intoi a war is justified. Scanning many other sections of David's voluminous criticisms of German Media, I see a similar tactic used with abandon. Seldom are FACTS published in Der Spiegel, Der Stern and other German media disputed. FACTS DO COUNT. Some colorful facts have limited relevance. For example, ink-stained election fingers. Any student of Iraq politics would be hard-pressed at David's undocumented fantasies that suggest that Iraq's infrastructure has improved under the American occupation. Eight years after being lied into the Iraq invasion, ordinary people (those not driven from their homes or killed, that is) have trouble getting normal electricity and water. The infrastructure remains rotten. WHEW! GIVE ME A BREAK! For starters, visit Iraq Body Count to learn the basics of George Bush's criminal war.
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Jan 4, 2012