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It is a trend I've seen more and more of as lawyers come to my site for help after graduating and job prospects in the real world do not match up with what they believed when they enrolled in law school. And the size of many of those law school loans is huge. One would hope that people would not be impacted by deceptive advertising from law schools that results in $100,000+ owed. That's not like you over paid for new tires on the car. That's actually life altering debt for people that wind up on the wrong end of the law school loan and can't find employment as "advertised."
Nice to see. Dealing with this issue right now on my site with a suit against a commenter.
Tragic. Consumers are sorely in need of these recently approved protections. Now is not the time to start taking them away.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2011 on Efforts to Repeal Dodd-Frank Start at CL&P Blog
Oh my gosh. This sounds exactly like many of the debt scams I write about. It's so nice to see you on the hunt for these guys and outing them. Poor got slammed and thankfully they had you on their side. It seems the Vision Media approach was to judicially attack rather than either publicly respond, engage in a dialogue, or change their ways. The funny thing about the thread you linked to with all the positive comments about WPR is that it appears to be a shill job to say positive things and many consumers are smart enough to see right through that. What i found interesting is that on their about us page they say they are World Progress Report, 1200 N Federal Highway ste 200, Boca Raton, FL 33486 but they are actually Worldview Productions, LLC and just filed to use the name World Progress Report as a fictitious name on July 27, 2010. Apparently Worldview Productions is a relatively new company as well having first registered in 2009 and listing it's managers as World Progress Trust and Media Solutions Trust, both listed at the same 1200 N. Federal Highway address. The office address appears to be Davinci Virtual Office Solutions where you can create an office for $110 a month. So if World Progress Report is a trustworthy and credible resource then why are they using a virtual office and hiding behind layers of trust owners? Hum. And what makes the story even more interesting is if the two companies are not related then it's ironic that VISION MEDIA TV GROUP LLC is owned by two trusts as well with an address on N. Federal Highway at what appears to be another maildrop office in Atrium Executive Suites. Very interesting.
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Sep 14, 2010