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Agreed. We are a specialty supplier primarily, so the Gift Shows (NY, Atlanta, etc) are usually more important than Toy Fair for us anyway, but those shows are a new normal of quiet as well. Most vendors I talk to can tell you in advance of a show about how many orders they'll write and what their total sales will be - predictable for each cycle. Fewer shops, higher travel costs for attendees and other factors will continue to keep attendance down. Unfortunately the fair organizers are not getting the message and continue to raise prices for booth space and services, making it more and more difficult to justify the expense of the shows for us. If they're not careful they'll find themselves without a demand for their product.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2013 on Toy Fair 2013 and the new normal at Global Toy News
We in the toy industry could fill that nomination box very quickly! It's baffling and sad how many imitators there are in our business. Ryan Hamilton Geared For Imagination
While I like the concept, it has many things against it: small magnets, high prices, techie/hard to understand. I don't think this has legs on the shelf. Not to mention - imagine the testing costs on these components!
Well said, Richard. I always have to temper my cynicism around TOTY time. For just one example, I think the ratio of price/play value should be a consideration in the TOTYs. This would automatically reduce the number of awards for licensed toys, which by their nature have less play value for the dollar. With so much innovation out there, it's time to broaden the scope of these much-hyped awards. Ryan Hamilton President, Geared For Imagination
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Feb 27, 2012