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gary fouse
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Any relation to Lou Costello? I am in Germany in a hotel room trying to follow this with an iPad that I am none to handy with, but I am not this stupid!
In the video, the Thai cop is estimating the size of the bomb as 90-100 kg, but a technician would have to examine it.
I was there. I have been a part-time teacher at UCI for 12 years, and for the past 4 or so have been fighting the MSU and their speakers. What happened Monday night was a disgrace, but not surprising. For years UCI has allowed the MSU to bring speakers onto our campus who are not only calling for the destruction of Israel, but are anti-American and anti-semitic. Complaints by Jewish students have turned on deaf ears. The admin. is terrified of the MSU. As a result half of the Jewish students on our campus (mostly females) admit to being intimidated. I created my blog (fousesquawk) largely to document the excesses at UCI. I have also publicaly criticized the university for their weakness. As a result, I am not exactly popular with the admin. One good thing came out of this event. A few hundred Jewish members of the community saw first hand that there is a problem at UCI. They are outraged. Many are calling for the chancellor to resign. As a result of what happened Monday night, no one can ever say again that there is no problem at UCI. Thank you for covering this on your blog. What we need is public attention to what is going on here at UCI and campuses all over America. Gary Fouse Adj teacher UCI-Ext
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Feb 10, 2010