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Greg Hartley
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Just for kicks I was reading some old posts this evening. I had forgotten about this Battle Royale. How goes it with the former Zaiotistas? I hope all of you are doing well and have rebounded from the reversal of fortune suffered at the hands of Zaio. Are all of you still license holders and active appraisers? Let us hear from you so we can know how you are doing.
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This was my laugh for the day. I looked at their website and their "code of ethics". What a joke. There is nothing in there about accountability or peer review. Everyone should look at this website. Nice graphics but obviously worded by a realtor armed with a thesaurus. I'm surprised the code of ethics didn't include a section on getting paid up front. That is, to make sure you do it. Anyone ever seen a BPO? Every one I've ever seen has been a joke. Maybe one of the comps was truly comparable but the remainder were trash. And all the listings were cherry-picked. Hmmm, sounds like these guys are appraiser material. I agree with you, George. If there is a document produced that mentions a value or a value range, SR 1 & 2 should be adhered to. If the AQB, the ASB, the Appraisal Subcommittee and the various state boards turn a blind eye to this (although some states are already acting to outlaw this practice) we are truly sunk. Here's a good game for us to play: name another profession that has had so many other industries or groups take aim at it to make it irrelevant. The only rule is the action must not have been natural like the buggy whip industry, it must be malicious (at least from our viewpoint). Ready, start!
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