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@Frank, Hey Frank give us all a break and quit typing your load of B.S. Face the facts that Navistar wasn't the problem it was Ford additions to their moters that failed. Did Navistar buils the rads that failed in every 6.4L super duty?! No Ford did. Dodge and GM have been ruling in the Diesel world where owners really use their trucks to haul heavy loads up mountain passes. Cummins Engines are the true diesel engine and won't be beat by a Ford Built engine or transmission. Ford also copied the 4.5L Duramax light duty engine design with the reverse flow exhaust/intake design.
@ Morrow, 2011 SUPER DOODIE new diesel engine looks to be a maintenance nightmare. Talk to the guys who own current model ford and find out how much trouble they are having, not to mention extremely poor fuel economy. Used to have all fords for logging outfit, but the later models have proven to be junk. Too many tow back to dealership days. Dodges have been much more reliable and twice the fuel economy.
@ OXI, Dont even try to compare a wimpy car like toyota to a real mans work truck like the RAM HD. Toyotas are a city boys truck. The RAM HD is a real work truck and not some toy truck with a car suspension and weak frame. Real men drive Heavy Duty rigs like the new RAM HD
The new RAM HD rocks. What a great interior and of course the nicest body design of all. Can't beat the CUMMINS for torque and true diesel power. Super Duty Or Silverado can't hold a candle to the big rig look of the RAM and now with a top notch interior the competition is crying. ALL you FORD guys i hope you go out and buy the 2011 Super Duty with more emission crap and extra cost of Urea Diesel exhaust fluid. You will get tired of the rental while your truck is in the shop with ford mechanics scratching thier heads over what is wrong.
Whats wrong with calling the truck RAM. The RAM name has been on the Dodge for years. As an outdoor enthusiast and off raaoder i love the RAM name as it depicts AGILITY, STAMINA, POWER TO CLIMB STEEP GRADES WHILE BEING SURE FOOTED. As the saying goes If you can't DODGE it RAM it!!!!! 2010 RAM 3500 LARAMIE with CUMMINS in my driveway soon
regeneration process can be very hazardous in the bush or farmland. dpf might not be as hot when going slow but still very hot and can easily start dry grass on fire. can't blame ford for that though,all three trucks use a dpf soot filter/furnace. CUMMINS is the only one that won't need to use UREA fluid (DEF/SCR) sytem on their new trucks as they geared up for the 2010 emission laws back in 2007 ,using EGR and soot filter only, way to go Cummins. As for FORDS new 6.7L Power Stroke engine.....yikes brand new FORD built engine BE AWARE this engine has more emmision crap on it that has not been proven at all yet. wait for your pal to buy one and loose his hair over recalls/updates not to metion long down time when it braks due to lack of knowledge at the dealership level. Buy a V10 gas engine if you have to have a Ford . If you need diesel engine for work/towing CUMMINS rule for real tough work andDURAMAX is good for highway tow vehicle but a little light duty (suspension/torsion bars/ IFS) for back road towing or hauling.
no you won't be able to make the proper urea solution with your piss. sensors are installed to determine if you have proper 67% water and 33 percent urea. if not exact truck goes to limp in mode and 5mph top speed . what a joke. Ford trucks have been a nightmare for so many people i know. Ford service is terrible and they don't stand behind their trucks
A four part emission system,two seperate water pumps,a Honeywell Turbo(always have problems with first design), an extra tank to fill(urea), an EGR cooler the size af a small rad(most likely to fail from heat fatigue). Way to much to go wrong with this new Engine of Fords. Not to mention the connecting rods look very weak for an engine of this magnitude. I would wait for a couple of years for all the issues this engine will have to be rectified before ever paying that kind of money on an ALL NEW ENGINE. UREA FLUID price is already climbing like a rocket. Freeze point of urea not good here in Canada (do you have to leave Urea heater plugged in all the time?). I don"t usually change Vehicle brands but i will this time . The New Ram Heavy Duty looks just to Awesome and proven Engine with 3 year old Emission compliant engine without UREA. I'm switching to the big RAM HD
I buy a new diesel truck every 2-3 years and am excited about the new 6.7L power stroke. Because of the Urea Fluid System that it will use and because it is a new unproven engine at a huge cost increase i will be buying the New Dodge Heavy duty with the Cummins (only diesel not required to run Urea fluid in 2010). Hope the new Ford engine proves to be great and maybe my next truck in 3 years. CAUTION: WATCH UREA PRICE RISE RAPIDLY!!!
What a pile of emmisions on this engine. Will have nothing but problems AGAIN. Urea fluid for exhaust treatment a nightmare for fleet vehicles, not to mention it freezes at 12 gegrees and decomposes at 86 degrees. Poor GM and FORD running this crap and poor consumer who has to pay Thousands more for nothing but future headaches. Until emission systems are proven i will buy New 2010 Ram Cummins, NO UREA FLUID and a proven Engine. DODGE just moved ahead of GM and is in first place when it comes to real trucks. Best looks,best engine best value. Go Ram GO.
Chevy is plain ugly,GMC much nicer. New Ram Heavy Duty will put GM's to shame in the work department. GM is a car with box, wimpy looks and crappy IFS with torsion bars. Real trucks use solid front axles. New 2011 Super Duty will have so many problems and bugs to iron out that they will fall behind AGAIN. Cummins all the way.
Awesome Trucks these new ram heavy duty's are. Have been researching all three brands of diesel trucks and will for sure be buying new 2010 ram. No extra emission fluids and proven reliability are huge factors in my desision, not to mention the best looking and toughest looking truck out there.
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Nov 28, 2009