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I still use LiveJournal and though many of my old friends have moved on, I've made new ones, people from the feminist, parenting, mental health and disability circles I now run in. There is a new one called Dreamwidth that I have pseudo-moved to (it cross-posts every post I make there to my LiveJournal). I won't be giving LJ up because I've been spilling my guts about my life there for nearly seven years. My son's whole life is documented there. I like it because it's private and I can control who reads what. Plus I have a permanent account and it would seem like a waste of money to stop using it. ;o)
Okay, that's ridiculous. At 15st 10lb she should not be getting a gastric bypass, she's far too small. I say this as someone who's had weight loss surgery; at her weight gastric banding is the way to go. I see she's already had one, and if that caused 'medical complications' a gastric bypass will cause even more; not to mention it's irreversible. No way should this go through.
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Elena, just to let you know that I've completed and posted the Adult Privilege Checklist, and you can find it here: :o)
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"If it is something that would get me, as an adult, arrested or thrown out of a store, theater, or whatever, your kid shouldn't be allowed to do it either. Simple." The difference is it's probably not age-appropriate behaviour for you. It is age-appropriate behaviour for the child. Equality doesn't mean "exactly the same".
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I'm writing the checklist now and I have to admit I'm using some of your points almost verbatim. I'll credit you when I publish it - do you want me to link back to this post or would you like me to use a different link?
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Elena, this post is amazing. I'll be including it in this month's Carnival of Feminist Parenting over at Mothers For Women's Lib. :D You've also inspired me. I'd like to write an Adult Privilege Checklist, much like the White Privilege Checklist and the Male Privilege Checklist. Would you mind if I used the ideas you've come up with in this post while I write the list?
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