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Ghost Man 4 Chine
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What can I say??? I`m lost and lack the words to describe this kind of regime. You need to be "Most Wanted" ; a seasoned criminal; an outright thief and killer to be part of the regime. Biya`s reasoning is far beyond human; he lacks the wit to work in "sha" brewery;because sometimes not all the "old sha " fits squarely with the "new".The bottle cracks; that is what we expect from the regime; "a crack". I wish his doctors could re - examine his mind; surely suffering from acute and chronic encyphalopathy " - he is water brain; leading an intellectual people. What a curse !!!!!!!!!!!!
Life is hell in a "land" where stealing and smuggling, embezzlement have reach the apex ;such that when there is nothing more to be stolen or embezzled, "corpses" can be stolen and smuggled ,hahahahhhhahahaha. From the "King" - the Head,through the deputized members of the "order" down to the clans men and women 'the subjects" have been infected by a virus; "stealomania"; what a land; a country ????? God bless the Land.
Good initiative from the "hard working" anglophones especially the "Bamenda Man" as mockingly referred to. May the criminals sty out out of the plan;because they will surely want the resources go through the Ministries of Stealing and Underdevelopment; under the Supervision of the the "Prime Ghost" - King. He "ghostly" supervised the tarring of the "ringroad" an eye sore; an abuse of the Anglophones. God bless the land.Land of PROMISES !!!!