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Don Giannatti
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Hi kenneth. It's me, Don Giannatti. A real person unlike the spambots ahead of me here... I agree with your premise.. the press has indeed dropped the ball, The mainstream press that is... lots of us were shouting loudly that the numbers were not there... it was mathematically impossible to do the O-Care and make it work. But the mainstream and hustlers have learned that in order to kill any message, one must destroy any potential messenger... so they lead personal and hate filled attacks against anyone who disagrees with them, rendering other messages DOA. This abomination is going to really hurt people. Really really hurt people. And that will be on the heads of those who had to vote it in to see what was in it. Unfortunately with a complicit and sycophantic press, most low-information voters will never hear about it - and if they do, it will be somebody else's fault. On another note... man, I am such a fan of your photography. Simply wonderful stuff.
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I believe food stamps to be a supplement, not the entire food budget. I am not seeing this as a valid explanation of the food stamp situation. My family is 4 with two teenagers. We average about $540 a month. About a hundred over the food stamp allocation. We do pretty well, and could cut some out in the way of premium items. So my thought is that I sure could eat on $434 a month for one person. My goodness.
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Mar 22, 2011