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Gideon Burton
Interests: web 2.0, rhetoric, skiing, educational technology, india, mormon studies, bollywood
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This is awesome! I'm going to require the students in my digital civilization course ( to read it. I only wish you'd taken it further.
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Mar 15, 2010
I believe adults and children alike can and should have strong political views, and we must have some tolerance for people being outspoken or even rude regarding other points of view. But in school people should be required to respect elected officials while still being able to disagree with them. I strongly disagree with Pres. Obama's fiscal decisions, but I respect his office. I deplored Pres. Bush's foreign policy, but I respected his office (and taught my kids to do the same). As a school teacher, I require my students to write arguments on both sides of the same question so that they build rational tolerance for alternative viewpoints. Political bullying isn't about rational debate; it's about short-circuiting the process. I'm grateful that you expressed an alternative point of view. If I were a political bully I wouldn't tolerate it or I would mock or intimidate you for disagreeing. Instead, I welcome your point of view or additional arguments.
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Great points, Jon and Jon. And thanks for the clarification, Bill. I'd like to learn more about Open Notebook Science and whether this is a model that can be imitated in the social sciences and the humanities. Jon W - I've made my next post in answer to your question.
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