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I see Bandcamp as a service that provides independent islands that function as a band's commerce solution, while I see MySpace as a failed attempt at a music discovery and sharing service. Bandcamp doesn't facilitate the following, all of which are good for artists and relate to music discovery - note: MySpace doesn't do these things well either: 1. genre - you can't identify a song's genre, browse it, and locate other music, genres are tags on Bandcamp, and assigned to albums 2. region - you can't browse songs by region, only albums 3. similar artists - you can't identify other music on the site that is similar to the music you are checking out 4. license - there's a lot of people looking for music to use in their videos, etc. 5. charts - while music charts are usually useless due to tracking downloads/streams only, people still enjoy discovering music this way 6. song reviews - music fans can't discover music that has been rated well on the site since there is no rating/comment system some other issues/missing features: 1. site search - sends you to Google, no means to only search songs, or genres, or regions, etc. - not a good user experience 2. playlists - no means for fans to create playlists across artists - this helps with music discovery 3. favorites - no means to add a song to your favorites 4. public display of song stats/activity - the song pages should show how many purchases, streams, reviews, ratings, etc. ---- Each of the points I listed above relates to using data and user actions/feedback to drive music discovery. I certainly feel that all artists and bands should have their own site, and that Bandcamp provides a great commerce platform, but in regards to utilizing properties on the Web to increase your exposure and fan base, it is best to have a presence on sites which provide an environment for music discovery - and that doesn't mean Facebook - since the only means for music discovery there is to push status updates into your fan's walls - although you should have an artist/band page at FB too. With that stated, I need to include two more points... 1. I've never considered MySpace to be very good with the above list of points/features, and can't believe how much money and time they have wasted making such a poorly designed site. Hundreds of employees, hundreds of thousands of dollars burned - and it is still annoying to browse. 2. I am very biased about this subject, as I'm a founder of With 9 years of service, ArtistServer is one of the oldest indie music sites online. In 2005, the site was listed as one of the 'Top 20 Music Sites' by Time Magazine. As of this month, ArtistServer has over 24,000 artists and music fans, and 9,800 songs hosted. BTW - I'm looking to grow ArtistServer, and am looking for partners and interested parties.
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I agree with some of the comments above - artists and bands should have their own site and use various music and social media sites as tools and additions to their own site. This includes having your own domain name. In regards to Facebook - is doing well in providing integrated solutions to your band's FB profile. I welcome all indie artists and music fans to With 9 years of service, ArtistServer is one of the oldest indie music sites online. We have over 24,000 artists and members, and 9,700 songs hosted. I'm the site admin/founder - feel free to contact me with any questions about the site.
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Jan 14, 2011