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Glad I saw this after Susan got a chance to clarify. It seems to me that neither of these values - chivalry and politically correct gender equality - are Halachic Jewish Torah values. Nor do I remember any responsa succeeding or even trying to plug them into Halacha. Therefore, I would suggest that it is up to you to decide which value speaks to you more if they are irreconcileable. I would however suggest that, being that these are not eternal Torah values, you should "get with the times" and realize that the second has replaced the first. Alternately, you should recognize that modern media and the like have pushed their agenda to affect that replacement, and therefore fight for the first. BTW, I am glad you have started posting articles that welcome and encourage comments!
Toggle Commented May 23, 2012 on The Politically Correct Cad? at Susan's Musings
Shalom Susan, My favorite story about fallible reporting is from the first Gulf War. I was running a program for students the night the ultimatum was to expire (January 15, 1991 iirc) and my flatmate was a reporter for a local paper. I answered his questions about the event, and he filed a two sentence story -- in which there were four egregious errors. Like you said, if he couldn't get that right, how can I trust ANY news story.
Dear R Barry, Thanks for responding! You talked about "the best alternative for Israel is a peaceful Palestinian state". That term Best Alternative brings to mind BATNA - Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement, from the classic Getting To Yes by Uri and Fisher. That means that you try to negotiate a good solution, but if your negotiating partner will not negotiate or if you cannot get to a better outcome than a pre-thought non-negotiated solution, then you have your BATNA to be satistfied with. So a "peaceful Palestinian state" is not an alternative, it is a dream (some would say a fantasy). Such an entity couldn't possibly happen without negotiations, and I think that you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks it can be had through negotiations - even the most hard line "peaceniks" just are dreaming of non-belligerence (which, by the way, is closer to a truthful description of what we have with Egypt and Jordan than peace, but that's another story). I am not familiar with the international relations term "the world would... shove down our throats". Could you be a little more specific? I think that if the "world" would deign to put sanctions on us, then no action on our part would turn them into Lovers of Zion. I think Israel and only Israel has to decide how to best insure its survival. I personally would prefer a slightly more conservative attitude than "I used to... I don't anymore" about something that happened a mere four and a quarter years ago, and all warnings of its opponents came to pass. "A partial settlement freeze as a confidence building measure is not a bad thing" From the perspective of the more than _a quarter of a million people" that this "not a bad thing" effects, it IS a bad thing. And for the MAJORITY of Israelis who do not see the current freeze as a "confidence building measure" and even problematic democratically (see, we feel that experiments should be done in laboratories, not pizza parlors. Flippantly referring to an act that overnight cancels personal property rights as "not a bad thing" is surprising to hear from someone whose liberal, capitalist, and Jewish credentials are so impressive. My BATNA is continued, decisive strengthening of settlements in Judea and Samaria, in existing communities and new ones, with a deadline for the Palestinians to give up their arms, replace the inciteful educational system, and come to the table, by which Israel will annex these areas otherwise. We do not need to provide any more "confidence building measures," we need to present a strong front and act according to our national interests. While we are on the subject, I would like to hear your comments on
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Dec 16, 2009