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Diana Giffin
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Cats make the best supervisors, don't they?! Have a good weekend Carol.
I was thinking of you and Jeanette (Mistress of Longears) when I heard how much snow that part of Kansas was getting! Down here in the OKC area, we got a few inches of snow/frozen sleet/hail/rain and thunder snow, which was cool to see.
Margie, I've seen your work at times on Flickr and just now I jumped to your blog from Geninne's - and I love it! You mentioned wondering how to keep spore prints from smearing in the other post...I've run mine through my Xyron laminating machine and it works like a charm. Of course, you may not want yours laminated, but I've done this with mine to keep in my nature journal and it preserves them without any smearing as it goes through the machine. And now I am going to bookmark your lovely blog! Diana
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Sep 20, 2011