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Gilbert Jacobi
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Today, one really doesn't know who deserves the most contempt, Cain, or Cain's latest bimbo accuser. To wit, the excuse this frowsy headed floozy says she gave Cain for why she just couldn't allow his hand to travel any further up under her skirt during a little "job interview" they were having: "You know I have a boyfriend!" Well, that should have stopped Superfly Cain cold, right? But of course it wouldn't - what self-satisfied black hustler who'd made it as far as the Washington offices of a major lobbying outfit - an organization devoted to the art of hustling and full of professional hustlers - would consider the news that one of them is fornicating with someone else for now an impediment? And an equal amount of contempt should go to the doofus establishment Republicans who could not take one look at Cain, in his '70s blacksploitation flic hats and overcoats, and immediately think "PIMP", and see the long lineup of a certain kind of lady that must be in his past.
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Nov 7, 2011