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Lynn, Thanks for the great post - your examples were very helpful. I was just wondering about the capitalization rules for my own newsletter articles - **5 FAQ About Using Eye Contact **How to Cut out Your Filler Words Your post came at the perfect time! Gilda
Jeff, Thanks for the post (and now I'm hungry for a burger!) I love the connection you made between the small business DNA and social media. Yes, we can't help but observe what's going on with other businesses we visit actually and virtually. Some of the best insights I've gotten about how to handle a crisis have come from observing staff at restaurants where things have gone wrong. Regards, Gilda (back in the US now)
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Nancy, Thanks for sharing this movie trailer with us - Lemonade is a great movie! And I've just shared it with my blog readers, too - Gilda
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Jeff, Good luck with the keynote - the "icing on the cake" will be if you can get the audience to repeat the "callback" phrase with you.... You might find the improv comedy game "Half-Life" to be helpful - I use it to focus on the essential message of my speech or training. In this game, 2 actors improvise a scene (based on a suggested activity from the audience) in 64 seconds - then they repeat the scene in half the time (32 seconds) by cutting out the non-essentials. They continue cutting the time in half, until they get to 4 seconds. Not only is it great fun to watch, but it helps them focus on the essential element - the message - of the scene and cut out everything else. While 4 seconds is not enough to convey a full message, they can convey a lot more in 32 seconds than they thought. (I've blogged about the Half-Life technique here - ) The connection, of course, to speaking and training is to edit and practice the material so we can focus on the message and help the audience remember the 1 or 2 important things we want to convey. For example, the message of my presentation skills training could be "manage your message within your time limit" and for my networking training - "listen more than you talk." This might help you with creating your callback phrase - once you have distilled your keynote down to the core message, you can then try to make it catchy, memorable and repeatable. Some of your blog post titles are already catch-phrase worthy, such as "Can You Handle the Truth?" (stronger because this was already a catch phrase from the movie, A Few Good Men) and "Rules Don't Apply to Me." You can repeat it a few times during your speech and then have the audience say it with you. For example, you might say "Remember, when it comes to social media…you know what I'm going to say... 'the rules don't apply to me.' Regards, Gilda
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Jeff, Thanks for linking comedy and social media with your "callback" reference. When I'm onstage performing with my improv group, a successful callback can bring the house down! In the case of improv comedy, it's a spontaneous combination of being in the moment and remembering a previous scene. In the world of business, brands and social media (and sketch comedy and professional speaking, too), it is more deliberate and planned. And in all cases, it's your audience that determines whether the callback works. And thanks to Ron Culberson for the technical definition. I got a chance to see Ron perform/speak in Phoenix in July at the National Speakers Association annual convention - and he was hysterical! Gilda
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Jeff, Thanks for reminding us about the importance of a clear, descriptive and interesting bio. Here's the bio I use on my blog - all 29 words of it - suggestions welcomed! Gilda Bonanno is a speaker, trainer and coach who helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate professionals improve their presentation and communication skills so they can become more successful. (P.S. Callback to a previous blog comment - I'd be happy to share with you any insights I've gained from facilitating training programs in China and India.)
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Jan 6, 2010