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Gildas Dubois
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I'm a long time reader, speedskater and Ironman-er... And weightloss is an important parameter in what I do. First thing, losing 4 pounds, even 5, per week might be normal and easy for one person, losing 2 pounds for another might be dangerous. It depends on people. What works for you might not work for another. Some seem worried about muscle loss if you loose weight fast, yes if you dont "shock" you muscle mass into building (it can be long walks, gardening or 100 miles rides) and still eat proteins. - Dieting and not exercising is the real mistake. - Looking at weight and not body fat is the other. - The last big mistake is to overcomplicate things - Kcal peeping - and loose focus. I annoy my girlfriend because I can drop, without really trying, 9 to 12 pounds over two weeks to get to race weight... The other thing I do is to COOK MY OWN FOOD in SMALL VERY TASTY quantities... Just buy raw ingredients and cook. It suprising how fast it goes to stir fry an onion with a spoon of olive oil, add one cut tomato and a bit of fish, salt, pepper and serve with some salad with echalottes, olive oil, vinegar and salt. I think Mike is on the right course, and will be able to see the rear screen of the 850 - not the top LCD - when it rests on his gut :)
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Aug 26, 2010