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Gil Johnson
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The Oregonian began its rightward drift when N. Christian Anderson was named publisher a couple of years ago. Anderson came up from an very right-wing paper in Orange County. I've noticed the change in both the news and editorial side. If I could wean myself away from my morning routine of coffee, newspaper and cat on my lap, I'd cancel my subscription immediately, even though I fear the day when we no longer have daily newspapers. As for dealing with global warming, it's now too late to conserve our way out of this or convert to energy sources than don't produce CO2. We need to start seriously working on a geoengineering option that won't be worse than the warming. If we don't, some island nation is going to start shooting rockets containing sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.
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Well,even Bruce Lee said his style was "the art of fighting without fighting." I've always been slow and hated to run, so I learned taekwon-do (old school style) and hapkido. The best result of that training is that I'm acutely aware of what's happening and going to happen and thus, I just exit before anything can get started.
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I agree that a man weilding an exacto knife should not be considered a lethal threat to a police officer. The one proviso, however, is that the random and thus unpredictable actions of a drunk are often harder to parry than those of a trained sober fighter. Don't the police get any martial arts training?
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Mar 26, 2010