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Al Ahly is an egyptian based club,i doubt this piece of information.....
good game Lt Emane,Biya you have seen nothing ,you will see more. even your close army canot be trusted,shame on you.
Nigerians living in cameroun without visa should regularise their paying for the residence permit or go for cameroonian nationality,consular card cannot be eqivilent to resident sounds stupid. If the law reguires them to do so,then i must say that those of them residing there without residence permit are doing so illegally.
may his soul rest in peace,my condolence to his entire family as well.this was a real hero of the cameroonian musical world.
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this sounds like good shit,Good work done Supreme Court,What about the main criminal?Mr Biya,when are u going to judge him?Dipanda Mouelle is also a criminal as well.he has been swearing in Biya for several times now even when he knows that biya faked the elections...Your days will soon come..
Assembly of fools,who ever let this cowboys in the north to be part of cameroon,today they have become the tools of coruption for mr biya, Paul Biya i hope u will rule for life but ask yourself the question what happened to samuel Doe?Mumbutu,idi amin and the rest..... Time is the answer...... long live West cameroon!!!
hey fuel is even cheaper in spain than in cameroon, that is not even the point,biya should pack his bag and leave cameroon in peace or he will be forced to leave in pieces.
hey fuel is even cheaper in spain than in cameroon, that is not even the point,biya should pack his bag and leave cameroon in peace or he will be forced to leave in pieces.
this cannot be true Mr. Talba Malla,stop telling lies to cameroonians.oil prices should be 70percent cheaper than what it is now.
that Fon is an Idiot,a fool of his category doesn,t deserve that royal portfolio which he transformed into Guillotine system,cultural manifestation that he pretends tobe so interested in has lost its values since he took over from my late opa in 1979, Complaining about Bado but forgetting that he didn,t only kill talented balikumbat subjects but olso our beautiful Culture ,the cultural activities like Lela ,Gwana etc are now only history..... Mr Eduard pls leave my opas throne in peace be4 it gets to peaces, the palace he complains about was turn into a bloodbath since his enthronment,how stupid could BADO be to encourage and support convicts like Eduard. I think its time he goes back to his prisonyard in Ndop.
wf Cpdm,i think its time to bring back cnu,hey u guys,whats ur opinion about this?thx
fru ndi is too old for all this,go on retirement,permit change in sdf.let the young ones grow,teach biya the right way.
she ist too old tobe there,she should be at old peoples home by now
thats a typical life in the jungle,a lawless comunity,am sorry that such an important intellectual sacrifice his own life for unfaithfull citizens,Allmigty God,as i pray let justice prevail and the victims involved in that killing face deserved punishment.may his soul rest in peace,amen
nahjela, i agree with you ,he is a great guy of his time.hope to see other cameroonians copy from his example.Many greetings from Strassbourg
fuckin unfaithful guys,Holy rev father get the bad spirit out of them.Our allmighty Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doin....
hi christina am very sorry to hear that you were scammed by someone from cameroon,please accept my sympathy .one thing you should be able to know is that even we cameroonians do suffer from these unscrupulous citizens,my advice for you is never buy a cat in the bag,no matter what happens. And you should be able to know that monkeys as well as other preserved animals are not so easy as you think to get an transport out of cameroon.these species are protected and individuals selling or buying them are doing so take note that your procedure in buying the monkey from cameroon was very illegal.and that guy probably knew about all this!!!pls do contact the ministry of enviroment and forestry in yaounde for any clean purchase of monkey if the posibilities are there.until then i wish you many luck with the monkeys!!! Gimpokpok Straßbourg email
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keep on killing the futur of our country,judgement day is coming soon..ask sadam hussen to tell u people how its like,when one betrays the fatherland ..hope that was to serve as an example for some of these fools.shame to paul biya and his so called ministers ,may God deliver cameroon from all these devils,amen
hey my compatriots,i have allways indicated that as far as balikumbat is concerned party politics is in the hands of illitrates who don,t even know to define their functions,the so called Nicodemus is someone without a Fslc,so how do u expect such a person to have a mentality of a mactured Politician,their job in the village is to poison and kill the young and educated ones who may cease the leadership from them one day,i bet you there is no opposition in that balikumbat.just forget it,God save us
mr tekum mbeng,thank u for my new title "The spin master" But before u go ahead with ur arrongant nature of addressing people(a common cameroonian problem)i would like to inform u that this is a forum where we are supposed to exchange ideas and not to create conflicts amongst each other.that Article which appeared tobe so bitter to u was an extract from one african magazine which i presented here ,my aim was to get some positive and fruitfull reactions to the article,i also took in to considerations that idiots like u will probably write in rubish,never mind,i still took in to consideration your contribution.Greetings from this end of the woods
Forgiveness and Tolerance In Balikumbat The purported enthronement and dethronement of Fons continuous to threaten peace. A cloudy atmosphere is evident in Balikumbat since the purported enthronement of Galabe Daniel (Doh Gahnyami III) as the new Fon of Balikumbat on October 8 by a certain kingmaker, Doh Tangsin. The question on most lips is why the contradiction when it is public in the grass field that a new Fon is enthroned when the former "disappears" or dies. Doh Tangsin in a release last October 8, on behalf of other kingmakers claimed that Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin III (alive) was guilty of an abominable cime. This is because last April 12, he was slammed a 15-years jail for assault occasioning the death of late John Kohtem. According to the release, Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin now on bail after appealing against the Ndop High Court judgment has the blood of his subject on him and can no more be the traditional leader of Balikumbat. Oracle Content & Collaboration In a swift reaction on October 11, some 12 King Makers, 14 Samyits or titled princes, 26 Quarter Heads and traditional council members condemned and disassociated themselves from Doh Tangsin's alleged enthronement of Daniel Nwanyam Galabe as Fon. They stressed that Balikumbat tradition does not condone a new Fon until a Fon passes away and thereafter only his son in enthroned. The 52 king makers, titled princes and Quarter heads stand by Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin III who they say has reigned positively for 30 years. They later filed a complaint with the North West Governor against the violation and challenge of the traditional institutions of Balikumbat by Daniel Nwanyam Galabe , Doh Tangsin and 11 others whom they call adventurers. The Balikumbat Development Organisation (BADO), has been preaching tolerance, peace and forgiveness as the way forward for the village whose stability has not been the best since the murder of their son, John Kohtem and the jailing of their Fon .
hi Samleyin,thx for the correction first of all,but u know in our dialect it is allways said when the wind blows everyone can then see the ass a hen,so is the case of fon Doh.His characters do confirm the existing rumours about roots. well that should be as of now his personal problems,concerning ur request , we were done with the celebrations in paris(st dennis)before i read ur mail,everything went well,the attendance was very good. we seem tobe related to each other if u also belong to the Galabes family,so where do u live?i live in straßburg.
hi aviche,u appear to know more about the galabes family,am ashame to have had such a bastard rule our our beautiful village,thank God his era is gone,we are free people now, there will be a party in paris on the weekend to celebrate that change in balikumbat,which will bring together sons and daughters of balikumbat arround europe.there will be also fund raising to ameolorate the situation back in the village.
hi Vito,sorry for not being able to answer the questions earlier,fon doh is not the biological son of the late fon,his biological father is a former messenger of the late fon doh galabe, If you know how the marital status of a bali chief looks like then u will be able to understand what i mean by grand dad had about 65 wives in general and amongst these wives he had 5 of them whom they called (nah ntohluba)these were his real wives the rest were outside the main residence and fon dohs mother was one of these women out of the main residence,she consequently became pregnant with bah poorman who was one of the so called "chinda" of late fon doh a result fon doh was delivered ,my grand dad had to adopt and accept him as part of the royal family.our move is neither traditionally nor administratively right,that is not our interest for now,our main interest is the criminal part of the story,he faked his way up the throne,and it was thesame traditional coucil and administration that fraudulently enthroned him.our contributions are to enable us get rid of this shit in balikumbat,the bali people are tired of dictatorship.either fon doh leaves the throne in peace or in pieces. your next question is about the new fon,he is the legitimate son of my grand dad.but am not in support of his move as well.hope i did answer ur question,if not pls let me know ur doubts.
hi Vito,am from bali,and also part of the royal family,Fon doh cannot be replaced unless he is dead,and in that case only his son may become a fon of bali.the sad part of the story is that fon doh is not the right son of my grand dad the late fon doh galabe,and as such am sure the village wants to return power to the right son of my late grand pah,we the sons and daughters of bali in the uk have voted for this decision and we are in support that fon doh quits the throne for good or for worse,he is used to bloody situations,1992 presidential elections was one of those occations that dr dewah survive his life after being well beaten up by his subjects because he twisted the results.finacial contributions are going on in europe and america to help fon balikumbat out of this mess.