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Lauren Lastrapes
Interests: capoeira angola, complaining about Entergy, drinking coffee, drinking water, drinking bourbon, reading books that have not been assigned by a professor, reading about diseases on WebMD and subsequently believing I am afflicted by them, not hitting pedestrians when I'm driving, updating my NetFlix queue, typing the word "queue," correcting bad grammar
Recent Activity
Ah, John Mayer. I've missed you. Of course, when I don't see people frequently, I don't realize I miss them until one of us gets in touch. I'm so glad you did! And what interesting timing your decision to look at my sad, abandoned blog demonstrates! Perhaps we're mentally connected in the cosmos. I'm glad you wrote to Eugene. I believe the guilt that comes from not contacting people whose lives we chose to enter is a special variety. I know how you feel. I hope you and Hanna are doing well. Send me an email sometime and catch me up on what's going on with y'all way out West. I'm glad I know you, too.
Passei, Carolina! A "prova" foi assim: o profesor, quem falava portugues como seu terceiro lingua--depois de espanhol e ingles, e eu conversemos por meia hora. Meu portugues foi melhor do portugues dele. Depois, eu traduzi dois trechos do texto em portugues que ele procurou no internet. So isso. Ninguem sabe que um "scratcher" eh "reco-reco." Chora reco-reco!
I think we should be big oil executives. We'd be good at it. We already know how to repackage really bad things as being really good. Example: learning to do queda de rins. You'll be glad to know it!
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on No Resolution at Fear and Loathing in New Orleans
Ugh, I just read this. The best rant that emerged from this outrageous story was Keith Olberman's. At least I think.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2010 on Classy at Fear and Loathing in New Orleans
I with you. There's no real reason for any elected officials to stand behind the Corps and allow them to continue to propose inadequate solutions to our flood protection problems. Please bribe some Democrat running for president to adopt such a stance. I'll come to New York and hand out leaflets in the subway with you. Oh wait. Did I say bribe? I didn't mean bribe. I meant, um, lobby.
NS- It's good to find you on the internet. Email me.