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I'm Chel Micheline from Florida. I LOVE the colors and I love that the line is applicable to EVERYDAY as opposed to just "love" related layouts or Valentine's Day.
Oh, I'm so happy you got a gelli plate! I can't wait to see more of your work with it! I haven't played with mine in ages. I want to, though. I just always find more *pressing* stuff that *must* be done (emphasis mine). Gosh, that necklace is gorgeous! You have a magic touch with everything. And that knitting... wow! I am LEARNING crochet (I say learning because the few rows I have completed look like a cat got into some yarn and made it into a giant knot). However, it's VERY soothing and lovely to do at night. But that knitting- wow! I am truly knocked out by that. Just... wow!
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The sunshine, the cooler weather, the blooming plants, being able to just be outside without it being overwhelmingly hot or dangerous (the lightning!). Just being able to relax about the weather and the day unfolding as it will. It's a nice feeling, even though I haven't gotten used to it yet!
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2012 on October Bliss at A Life of Joy
I am trying to love more, and that includes loving LIFE, itself, more. I've always had trouble with the concept of "Loving Life" but when I think about life as a smaller whole, a sort of organic miracle, it becomes easier for me to approach. I don't know why love is such a hard concept for me, though. For some reason I have always sort of felt it was weak, which I KNOW is ridiculous and so wrong, but it pings inside me, that weird notion. As I get older, that's definitely fading- I'm redefining love as not something that controls me, but something that I am part of. Something that makes the world grow and expand.
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OH MY GOSH- I can't tell you how excited I am about this collection! I am obsessed with gardening- I spend about an hour out there every day, rain or shine, and I take sooo many photos of everything I grow to mark the seasons. So what a perfect line! In the last week, I planted: coleus, sunflower, geranium, and nasturtium seeds, and right now I'm eagerly waiting for my tomato, basil, and eggplant plants to grow a bit more so they produce. It's always gardening season in Florida. Thank you for the opportunity.
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LOVE this- thank you for the inspiration!
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Because we live in Southwest Florida, fall is actually GARDENING season for us! And pretty much anything outdoors, since the weather cools down and the rain starts to taper off. It's an amazing season, so I grab a stack of magazines or books, a cup of tea, and head outdoors whenever possible. Happy fall!
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2012 on Ready Set Go Week! at American Crafts Studio Blog
It's so wonderful sharing this with you. I can tell you were truly fulfilled in a very soulful way by this trip, and it makes me so happy for you!
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2012 on London...Highlights Part III at A Life of Joy
Sky, tea, and a lovely meal- wonderful! Sounds like a perfect day in every way. And an art gadget, too? I am so intrigued!!
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2012 on London...Highlights Part II at A Life of Joy
LOVELY! Gosh, I am really enjoying these posts- what an adventure!!
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2012 on London...Highlights Part I at A Life of Joy
It sounds like an AMAZING getaway! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I love your travels- they make so much sense to me! You should write a guide for travelers who wish to do more than see EVERY hotspot and tourist attraction. I hope you are feeling better. I always have trip "hangovers" after vacations- after days of trying to do many many things and goingoingoing, it feels so odd to be home and be back into my regular routine, which is (by my choosing) very calm and organized. I try and turn to creativity because it allows me to throw my focus elsewhere, at least until I get my senses about me again!
I really love these podcasts. I especially love that you guys went into the "Art" vs. "Craft" thing. A while back someone I know made this big fuss about how she was NOT a crafter (heavens to Betsy!) and for some reason that made me really bristle. It was nice to hear a discussion on that topic- I loved the point that in the Renassiance, the "craftspeople" were really artists who specilized. And I loved the point about how on PRunway, the judges ALWAYS point out good craftsmanship. Maybe we need to start a renaissance for the word "craft" -it's not JUST about the little projects you did at summer cap with plastic supplues. Thanks for the insight, and for the food for thought. I'll be wearing my crafter badge proudly from now on!
*swoooooon* I don't know if I can pick just one. Love the papers, LOVE the "Primrose" Thickers, love the date stamp, and the Daybook, as well. Just everything... it's just beautiful!
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I love all the fall/winter holidays simply because it's my favorite season and to have all those special things packed inside of it makes it even MORE exciting.
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Love Patricia's style and I love AC, so... what a great combo!
Julie, this is genius! Thank you for passing this on to us. Oh, wow!
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2012 on From Pinterest to Page at Balzer Designs
A theme I would love to see: "off the page"- meaning, projects that aren't scrapbook/card related: wreaths, gift tags, gift wrap, mail art, ornaments for the holidays, photo frames, mixed media, home decor... I know there have been a lot of those projects posted, but I would love to see a whole week of inspiration!
Just wanted you to know- if anyone in your party has an annual pass, parking at all Disney Parks and resorts is completely free. Just show them your pass when pulling up to parking.
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