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Ginger Jarnagin
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Super cute. Great idea!!!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2014 on Graphic 45 ~ Present Toppers at Petaloo
A usual Lynne - Love the tag and the card. I've been making cards all day today and you gave me ideas for more - Thank you!!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2014 on It's all about the Bag Tag! at Petaloo
I am so grateful to you and Authentique for all the inspiration you have given us this week. What absolutely beautiful projects that you have shown us. Thank you so much!!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2014 on Grateful with Petaloo and Authentique! at Petaloo
That little bird house is so sweet!! Any bird would want to live there, tehehe.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2014 on A Grateful House at Petaloo
Oh my, what a card. I can not wait to make one. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I pinned this card as soon as I saw it.
Lynne: How cute is that hat/centerpiece. Greatest idea!!
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2014 on Thanksgiving Centerpiece at Petaloo
Ahh - Stacy - what a great album, really beautiful!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2014 on DAY TWO ... Grateful Mini Album at Petaloo
I love love love it with you and Authentique hop together, the combo of your two product makes me HAPPY!
Love these frames, so yummy creepy.
Great masks, snap guides are awesome.
I love anything Lynne make, always beautiful!!!!
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2014 on DAY 2 " LOVE!" at Petaloo
I love Halloween and Petaloo!!!!!
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2014 on DAY 3 ... Trick Or Treat Candy Bag at Petaloo
This hat I so cute. I HAVE to make me one!!!!
These little pillow boxes are too cute, great to put treats in.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2014 on Pretty Pillow Boxes at Petaloo
Lynne, are you kidding - enjoy you bet cha I enjoyed your box. I loved that you made your own paper, what a great idea for scraps. I definitely am going to do that. What a great week thanks to Petaloo and G45.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2014 on An Eerie Tale ~ Decorated box at Petaloo
I love making cards, and this one is so cute. Hmmmm I think I will copy it. Hehehe.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2014 on DAY FOUR ... Halloween Hop with G45 at Petaloo
What a darling little home decor project. What a great week!!
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2014 on An Eerie Home Decor at Petaloo
What a great box, proving that simple can be beautiful.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2014 on Petaloo and Graphic 45 Blog Hop at Petaloo
What a cute little basket!!! Looking forward to a great week full of eerie treats.
What a beautiful book, loving the colors.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2014 on Back to school altered notebook at Petaloo
WOW Irene, I am really loving these colors, and the subject - I he not the most adorable. The feather too. Amazing!!!
What a super cute idea. Love the stitching on the pockets.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2014 on Decorating School Supplies at Petaloo
This little cabbie container is so cute with all the bright colors. Love it.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2014 on Back to School Organization at Petaloo
I love boxes, this one is so cute!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2014 on's a BOX! at Petaloo
This is just way too cute for words. I can't wait to make one for myself. I pinned it too.