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Hi Annetta Your photos are so beautiful. Looking forward to following your adventures and am reading your blog "Hitched with Joy". What a wonderful way to spend a year as a family together. Time flies by so fast and taking time out like this will be a special treasure especially as you son grows up. Believe me he's small one minute and before you know it he is 21 and driving his own car!
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2015 on Officially Film at Inspired By Annetta Bosakova
Your photos are so gorgeous as always. The red poppies in particular provide such a "pop" of color. Have a great weekend!
Lovely Annetta and thank you for sharing this cross stitch chart. I also love the fact that you keep blogging and sharing great ideas and beautiful photos. Thank you.
Thank you for this post and for sharing your story as well as the video. I needed to hear the message today especially. It will keep me going for a little while longer. Thank you!
Gorgeous, Gorgeous photos. The white flowers are breathtaking.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2014 on A Winter's Gray at Inspired By Annetta Bosakova
This is not only fabulous but it is clever not to mention it features one of my favourite things in life cross stitch! It's a wonderful take on the subject and the rose is divine.
Great examples and congratulations on being featured too. I sometimes find it hard to be consistent with my photos because they are all taken on my iPhone and they don't' always look as the photos I take with my camera. I also like taking photos of different things. However, I can certainly learn a lot from you and the other people profiled and will keep practising. :)
Happy anniversary! You and your photos are gorgeous. Wishing you many more wonderful years together. x
Love the magazine ! Hope you enjoy the blogging your way e-course. I did it a few years ago and thought about doing it again but am doing other courses right now. Look forward to all your posts and beautiful pictures.
Thank you for another beautiful post and the most gorgeous photos of flowers. Also love the color palette in your photo. I guess that the roses in your garden are probably getting to the end of their season with Fall upon you. They still look lovely. Amazing to think on the other side of the world in Australia the yellow roses in my garden are only just beginning to bloom as Spring is in the air. What a beautiful gorgeous world we live in.
Wow 6 hours for one watercolor that is a long time. You must have lots of patience. The cake is fabulous by the way and your photos as usual gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend :)
Great reminders all of them. Thank you because sometimes it can be difficult to just keep going.....Take care :)
Hello! So glad I found your blog through Instagram. Your blog is gorgeous. Love your paintings and photos. They are all so colorful and beautiful. Can't wait to follow you from now on for more. Thank you!
I have been checking your blog regularly every week to see if you had updated it and was so happy to find your gorgeous post and the most beautiful flowers. Thank you very much ! Your flower photographs are breathtaking :)
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2012 on Updates and Flowers at a creative mint
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I have recently rediscovered crochet and am obsessed with it. I love these crochet hair ties they are a fabulous idea. Love the red and white combo as well. Thanks for sharing the pattern too :)
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2012 on Crochet flower hair ties at Townmouse
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Thank you so much for this information. I am flying to Paris next week for work and only have a few moments to shop. I will definitely visit the shops you have profiled. Hopefully they are all still there. Thanks again ! Love your blog by the way it's beautiful.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2012 on Craft shopping in Paris at Townmouse
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