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I would also add that many organizations will find negative things on the first page of Google results. There are companies who claim they can erase those things for you. That is impossible. The only thing you can do is push the negative things to the second, third, or fourth pages. And the only way to do that is with interesting and compelling content that people read and share.
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Shawn, I am late to commenting, but I wanted to thank you for the nice post. In fact, you gave me a couple of really good ideas. Thanks for sharing!
Whoa! It's a full-on Spin Sucks commercial. Michael, thank you. I was JUST telling someone the other day about what a great conference you put on earlier this year. You remain one of my most favorite people on earth! Safe travels...and get back to those miles soon!
I don't think waxing poetic about everything PR does differently than advertising so their eyes glaze over is the absolute other way to write the column. I was able to do that because my audience is different than yours. But there is a middle ground that describes what we do (earned and owned media vs. paid media) so we can stop getting the "I need a PR firm" calls when they really mean, "I just want my name in the NY Times."
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Like I said in the comments on Spin Sucks, I don't think it matters who the audience is. What you described in the Inc. column is publicity, not PR. Our industry has a HUGE perception issue and you're a big gun writing for a huge publication. You have the opportunity to turn the conversation from publicity to communication. I know plenty of senior leaders at businesses of all sizes who need to understand what PR really can do...and it's not just media relations. Sure, you weren't addressing other PR and marketing folks via your Inc. column and I am addressing (for the most part) that audience via Spin Sucks. But the point doesn't change, no matter the audience. PR is not publicity.
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I got this same offer and I had the same reaction as you. My Klout score isn't as high as yours, but I definitely don't tweet about basketball, Nike, Lebron James, or anything in between. Chase's point about companies sending these things to influencers with a certain score is correct, but when do they begin targeting and stop wasting their money?
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This is a great idea! Wish I'd thought of it. :)
Chris - thank you for sharing this with your friends and with strangers (like me). I'm contemplating this very ride next year and it's a constant back and forth debate in my head. My two biggest concerns are 40 days on the road (I travel a ton for work and don't do well when I'm gone for four or five days in a row) and if I'll be able to work while I'm out there. But then I think, when will I ever have a chance like this again? I'm in the best shape of my life. I ride every day. It seems like a no brainer. But then the negative thoughts take over...and now I don't like the idea of cycling in the snow. You've certainly given me a lot more to consider (the friends I'll make, the peace I'll feel, the beauty I'll see) and I thank you for that!
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