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Virginia K Orlina
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Amy, my story is almost the same as yours, so I feel your pain. Nurses training, met my husband, we both worked there. It's been a 51 year history for me, too! I'm sad and angry at the way this has been handled by the city. They just wanted the very valuable land. You're right, it is heartbreaking.
To me, this continues to be more and more depressing. What a waste of a wonderful medical center! Other than that, I'm without words........
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2010 on The new Block 37? at Cityscapes
After obtaining the Michael Reese Hospital campus for the "Olympics", which didn't happen, now they're scrambling to find a use for that wonderful strip of land. I went to nurse's training and worked my whole career at that hospital. It's such a SHAME that everything (except 2 buildings) was demolished..... even after we didn't get the Olympics. I love Mayor Daley and think he's done wonders for Chicago, but the Reese debacle will always stay with me!
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2010 on Daley's unfinished business at Cityscapes
I love Mayor Daley. I know he's made some bonehead moves, like the parking meters and the Skyway. But, his accomplishments so overwhelm those items. He will be missed. Virginia K Orlina, Chicago
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Sep 7, 2010