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Burbclavia, IL
Uncategorically weird middle-aged redhead flailing helplessly, etc.
Interests: nascar, everything. except country music, and bling, that is.
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Also, too: the Ryker Beard cannot be denied.
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I would like to live at 1/4 Impulse, because I'm built for comfort, not speed.
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There is too much awesome in this post and of course, the links add enough extra awesomesauce to completely invert the universe. One of these days I'm going to read every single post at Hyperbole and a Half, with comments, from the beginning. It's that good. But before I do, I'd better pick up some Depends and something to clean the monitor with. Could be messy.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2010 on of books and beards at WWdN: In Exile
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O HAI haz been more than .25 month since Wootstock Chicago. Normality has almost been restored...the city is still here and hey? The Blackhawks won, for those who were keeping score. We all miss you all. Plz visit the rest of Wootstock-nation-to-be. I totally concur that you should visit Ft Collins, although I would posit a visit to Boulder also/instead, the most awesome place in the universe. Good beer, many nerds, much good food to be consumed...wait, though, don't eat the nerds unless they are the candy kind. kthxbai PS O!! Salt Lake City has some really bitchen roller derby, by all accounts. It's a surprisingly awesome and geek-infested place, too.
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Can't get anything done at work this week, too much awesomesauce in my brain still.
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Nawt secund! I came, I Twittered, I Flickred, I blogged. Hubby registered a domain name during the intermission via iPhone. Did my word "rotunda" make it onto the poster? We had to slink back to the burbs kind of quickly, so we waved our virtual Zippos and scarpered. The twelve-year old kid next to us seemed to enjoy all the jokes, and appeared to be having a peak lifetime experience. I heard his dad making a couple of tactful explanations, but he omitted mentioning just why the last verse of the frakking pirate song was so funny. Someday he'll be a monologuist telling the story of his twisted life, and then you'll all be sorry. Of course that last verse didn't end until half an hour after the intro...
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"Nine Mice O' Georgia" was my greatest hit in college, though I never laid a hand on you. What the heck?
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2009 on From the Vault: the safety dance at WWdN: In Exile
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Aw, Z, you make me feel all embiggened. And I blame Wil for my expanded vocabulary. I'll probably have to call my sister later to translate all the geekery. The funny thing is, I though there was something wrong with my Firefox settings. Gotta go. CSI on TiVo. Hope you get another gig there as someone completely different, Wil.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2009 on unintended consequences at WWdN: In Exile
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